Trying out my hidden skill after 7years/ how I braided my niece's hair

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Hello everyone


It's a great pleasure to be here again after awhile, for more than a week now, I have been down with fever, after taking self medication it seems like nothing was happening, which was a bad idea in the first place, I had to visit a pharmacist who later prescribed some drugs for me to use, thank God I'm well and sound now.

While I was I bit down, I had my niece with me who came to visit me during the course of the election period, she was of great help to me when I was sick, at that time when I couldn't do anything on my own she was there for me.

Last week, we were sitting and talking, having nice time together when I noticed her hair was old, I told her to loose her hair so I can help her to make it, though, I used to try it sometimes, that was about 7years ago but even as at then, I wasn't perfect, I was just trying my best to at least know the basics on how to plait and braid hair. She laughed and asked if I could really do it, but I told her I will try, out of fun, she did what I proposed and the show began 😃😃😃


I didn't want it to be too much, so I decided to make it the whole hair to ten. She loosen her hair, comb it and I started weaving it.


Surprisingly, the first one I made wasn't bad as I thought, so I continued until it was a success. My niece was also surprised at the outcome of what I made for her, at least for the first time after 7years.



A skill once learnt can not be easily forgotten. What do you think? Leave your comment in the box below.

Thanks for your time, support, comment and encouragement.


You try. Weldone. When you know you know nothing can stop you from doing it. The hair look nice

Thanks @mosesessien, I never knew it will look as nice as this but it turned out to be beyond my expectations.

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Wow, a big change in her hair, the braids were excellent on you, now your niece has a new look, greetings 🤗

Yeah! Thanks that my skill didn't leave me after all these years, I'm glad I could still make her look different in her new braided hair.

Thanks for your comment.