How to make Air Fresheners For Closets / DIY

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The closets are that part of our home that require constant maintenance. There are times of the year when there is a lot of humidity in the environment, and developing unpleasant odors. Sometimes it is not enough to ventilate them or use an electric dehumidifier.

If you want your clothes, towels, sheets (or whatever you keep in the closets) to always have a pleasant fragrance, you can make your air fresheners with natural products. This way, you don't fill your closets with chemicals and eliminate unpleasant odors. They are easy to make and use very few materials.

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I used environmentally friendly materials to make these cabinet air fresheners. These air fresheners are made with fabric, and cotton threads, flowers and dry branches of aromatic plants. Once they have served their purpose, they will degrade easily when discarded. Great? Then let's get to work!

cintillo atardecer definitivo.png


Gauze sponge
colored threads
blunt needle
dried flowers
cinnamon sticks


cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

The gauze fabric used to clean wounds is an ideal fabric for this craft. The gauze is made with a loose weave where each strand of thread leaves a space that allows the scent of dried flowers and branches to spread into the cabinet through these small holes.


It is a gauze measuring 4" x 4" (10 cm x 10 cm), which is folded into 6 parts. Spreading it lengthwise easily forms three squares, which are ideal for making a cloth bag out of them and then stuffing them with fragrant flowers and branches.

At home, I had colored wool, but each strand is thick, so I decided to unwind it and use the thinner yarns.



cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

Step 1

Extends the cotton gauze lengthwise and cut it into three equal pieces.



Step 2

On a blunt needle, thread a strip of yarn in the color of your choice. I used vivid colors since I want my air fresheners to be decorative and give a pleasant scent.



Step 3

Sew the side and bottom edges. Leave the top of the fabric bag free. With another thread of a different color, you can stitch in the empty spaces. So you will have colorful and eye-catching edges.




Step 4

Fill each bag with the flowers, leaves, and dried branches of the scent of your choice. I like sweet and fresh scents. I filled them with cinnamon sticks and Jamaican flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa).

Yes, those are the red wine-colored flowers used to make infusions. To activate the refreshing aroma, you can also use small pieces of dried lemon peel.



If you like woody scents, another option for your scent fillers is to use dried pine branches and dried eucalyptus leaves. Some people also use a piece of camphor, but I find it a very penetrating aroma.


I made another air freshener with eucalyptus, pine, and lemon scents.





Step 5

At the top place a ribbon or colored thread to close the cloth bag.


cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

Once the cloth bags are filled, place them in the drawers of your cupboards or hang them somewhere so that the aroma is dispersed inside.



You can also place them in the drawers where you keep your underwear or sheets to give them a pleasant aroma.


Other options to aromatize are to fill the cloth bags with lavender flowers, chamomile, jasmine, gardenia, dried orange leaves, and citronella. Remember to dehydrate the flowers, leaves, or branches you are going to use. If there is any moisture left, this will contribute to the development of fungi and unpleasant odors.

cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thank you for visiting. See you in next post!

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cintillo atardecer definitivo.png

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In Bulgaria we do similar fresheners with lavender! We really have a lot of it around. Eucalyptus seems like a very good aroma as well!

Yes. Lavender is widely used but here in my locality it is not common to find it. On the other hand, eucalyptus is abundant and is even used for medicinal purposes.

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This is a good thing. I hope to make more community! Thank you very much 😃

You're welcome @chaodietas. Looking forward to you reaching your new target 😅

Sure, I will work hard to achieve it! 😃


Oh, you have your cat ghost-writing for you. Clever! 😂

Oh yes, he's very creative! 😂

Making air fresheners with natural scents is something I never thought of. This is a great diy which can also cut cost.

Thank you for sharing 🤗

Many years ago I used artificial air fresheners and they gave me asthma. I started looking for alternatives to give a pleasant aroma to my closets and drawers and I saw that I could make them myself. In addition to being low cost, it is environmentally friendly.

I hope you are encouraged to make your own. Thanks for stopping by!😃

I hope you are encouraged to make your own. Thanks for stopping by!😃

Encouraged is an understatement. I'd definitely try it out at the slightest chance I get😅.

Sorry about your asthma though.

Thank you for sharing ✨


Yeah I agree with you. We usually try not to spend time using our minds instead we buy everything. But we really need to start thinking about what we can do independently. Thanks for your engagement, keep it up.

In my perspective, it's better to make certain things than to buy them.

Thank you for your response 🤗

You're welcome. Keep up the great work 😊

Natural air freshness, J love the idea already, instead of the artificial ones we are used to. This is really creative, I'm impressed.

Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to share this.