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Community Curation Compilation of the past 3 days

Hey there! This post highlights all the amazing content published into our DIYHUB Community and we have curated over the past 3 days. Community content is our main focus and you will earn a 100% upvote if your post follows our requirements and target niches when you post it into the DIYHUB community!

To receive our full support (100% upvote) and to get included in our next compilation make sure to post your next creations into the DIYHUB Community (no cross-posts included).

Another compilation - Another Reminder about our Current Contest:

We have some interesting entries already but we also know that there are a DIYHUB members who still work on their creations for march in the theme of teapot. You still have 7 days until we close this month - so hurry up and get your teapots out! We are excited for your participations and you can win up to 30 HIVE!

Highlight of the Day

The highlight of the day fits to the current contest and is a tea mug painting tutorial by @charjaim that is actually a tutorial ;)

As you might know we have changed our curation a few months ago to only support tutorials - especially when it comes to drawing and painting. It is hard to explain what distinguishes a tutorial from a simple documentation but the small tips and tricks inside of a post can transform it into a valuable tutorial where people can learn something. Make sure to also check our FAQ: What makes a GOOD tutorial? to get inspired about creating better tutorials.

Thank you @charjaim for sharing your knowhow with us! We are looking forward to see more tips and tricks from you about painting in future!


[ESP-ENG] Tutorial: Lindo anillo de mostacillas /Tutorial: Cute beaded ring

created by: @emmaris
curated by: @desro

Saludos queridos Amigos Greetings dear friendsFeliz y bendecida Noche tengan todos, sean bienvenido...


DIY:Programming Tutorials EP07 - Creating a Quiz game in Python.

created by: @jimah1k
curated by: @ashikstd

Greetings to all; to you, if you’ve found yourslef on my blog you are in to gain lots of cool and fu...

Fabric / Leather

New fabrics, new dresses are my newest addiction. Diy of a smoked dress

created by: @monica-ene
curated by: @desro

Hello HiveThere is a way new outfits makes me happy, maybe Istill feel like that little teen of year...


Beautiful Butterfly Applique / Hermoso Aplique de Mariposa

created by: @ysamarynordaz
curated by: @semarekha

Hello dear #DIYHub community. TI continue working with the flexible clay and this time I will show ...


School pencil holder. [Esp -Eng]

created by: @creacioneslelys
curated by: @ashikstd

Portalápices escolar.Hola amigos, deseo de todo corazón que el día de hoy se encuentren muy bien y c...


Oil painting of mugs, tutorial /Pintura de tazas al óleo, tutorial

created by: @charjaim
curated by: @semarekha

Greetings, DIYHub community, this is the first time I share with you and I want to show you a tutori...

Mixed Materials

DIYHUB MONTHLY CONTEST - TEAPOT : Teapots with magnet to decorate my fridge 🫖

created by: @marlynmont
curated by: @tibfox

*Feliz lunes amigos de Diy Hub, esta es la primera publicación que realizo en esta comunidad y quise...

Home Decor

Paint On My Bag: Colorful Bag

created by: @sweetest
curated by: @desro

Hello guys.... I have a cute bag that I've had for a long time, this is a bag my friend gave me as m...

Fabric / Leather

DIY:Making a beautiful dress

created by: @glorydee
curated by: @ashikstd

Hello guys, I'm so glad to be here again, hope you are all doing great wherever you are. I'm sure y...
Esp/Eng Recycling an old pair of pants into a cute denim skirt!

created by: @yessi08
curated by: @desro

ESPAÑOLSaludos amigos creativos en todo el mundo, bienvenidos a mi blog!Espero hayan tenido un exce...

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Gracias @diyhub y @desro por el apoyo!

Thanks you 🤗

Congratulations to all the selected post, the all look amazing

Feels great to be featured here. Thank your for your support