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Community Curation Compilation of the past 3 days

Hey there! This post highlights all the amazing content published into our DIYHUB Community and we have curated over the past 3 days. Community content is our main focus and you will earn a 100% upvote if your post follows our requirements and target niches when you post it into the DIYHUB community!

To receive our full support (100% upvote) and to get included in our next compilation make sure to post your next creations into the DIYHUB Community (no cross-posts included).

March Contest - 5 days left!

The "Teapot" Contest Month comes to an end but you still have 5 days left to add your contest entry! You can win up to 30 HIVE donated by @discovery-it and a beautiful Teapot NFT donated by @desro!
We are looking forward seeing your create DIY project based on the theme teapot!

Today's Highlight

The highlight of this compilation is a practical contest entry "A Teapot-shaped Money Box" made by @amberkashif.

We like to see that you combined the theme of the contest with something practical and also valuable for your child. It is often overlooked how important learning to save and handle money is. Also we like that you have recycled materials. This is also a good lesson for kids :)

Thank you for participating in the contest and for sharing your creativity with us @amberkashif!

Mixed Materials

DIYHUB MONTHLY CONTEST - TEAPOT : Teapots with magnet to decorate my fridge 🫖

created by: @marlynmont
curated by: @tibfox

*Feliz lunes amigos de Diy Hub, esta es la primera publicación que realizo en esta comunidad y quise...
Cute little clown - pincushion / Lindo payasito - alfiletero

created by: @lileisabel
curated by: @sharminmim

Hello my dear friends of DiHuub, today I bring you a cute pincushion that I made in the shape of a l...

Fabric / Leather

[Esp/Ing] Linda y útil funda para mi tablet👛🌷/ Tutorial paso a paso.

created by: @anaarevalo01
curated by: @stevenson7

¡Feliz lunes amigos!🌷Happy Monday friends!🌷¡Es un placer para mi, volver a saludarles y desearles un...


Moji zaljubljeni labudovi od papira. 🦢🦢 My paper swans in love.

created by: @vragolana
curated by: @desro

Tema o kojoj se najviše govori je LJUBAV. Stiglo je proleće.🐝🌸🌷🌳☀️ Godišnje doba kada je najlepše da...


💮Brazalete de perlas con dije de luna para niñas//Pearl bracelet with moon charm for girls.💮

created by: @razielmorales
curated by: @desro

De noche cierto, pero nunca tarde para desearles un excelente y bendecido inicio de semana hermosa g...

Mixed Materials

Creation of a tea set, an amazing teapot with reusable materials / ENG/ESP

created by: @lauracraft
curated by: @tibfox

todos un cordial saludos con mucho cariño, deseándoles un bendecido y productivo comienzo de semana...

Fabric / Leather

DIY process on how i cut and sew a short nicker

created by: @pekkymos
curated by: @semarekha

Hi guys!Greetings to you all; how are you all doing, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely and sweet day a...


DIY -: Creating a phonebook using python - Programming tutorials EP08

created by: @jimah1k
curated by: @stevenson7

Greetings to all;Welcome to my daily blog. In todays episode of programming tutorials with me, i tho...

Fabric / Leather

Creative DIY - Beautiful Hair Ban by Mask

created by: @semarekha
curated by: @stevenson7

Friends, Happy Tuesday everyone.Today was also quite cloudy but there was light sun in the sky but t...


Esp-Ing Hermosa diadema con tela de jean y flores de cinta..// Esp-Ing Beautiful headband with jean fabric and ribbon flowers

created by: @lupasbra21
curated by: @semarekha

Hola amigos de #hive y a los de esta hermosa comunidad #DIYHub, deseo se encuentren todos bien, yo p...


Da li ste danas obuli različite čarape? 🧦 Did you wear different socks today? 🧦

created by: @vragolana
curated by: @ashikstd

Danas je Svetski dan osoba sa Daunovim sindromom. Simbolično se obuvaju različite čarape tog dana ka...


Cute Bear in Flexible clay / Linda Osita en Masa Flexible

created by: @ysamarynordaz
curated by: @elizacheng

Hello dear #DIYHub community. Bears are those animals that make us tender. When we see a stuffed an...

Mixed Materials

Recycling for my baby / Reciclando Para mí bebé

created by: @ylaffittep
curated by: @desro

*🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧ENGLISH🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧"The purpose of life is to live it, to enjoy the experience to the fullest, to r...
[ESP/ENG]Cheerful decoration with flowers, for any space at home.

created by: @taniagonzalez
curated by: @desro

Mis mejores deseos para todos los hive de esta creativa comunidad de #DIYhud .Marzo es un mes muy h...


Unexpected Spring Cleaning

created by: @phoenixwren
curated by: @ashikstd

The other day I put down some meat to defrost to make Yuan more cat food, and it leaked and made a b...


[ESPENG] Surprise cake. Step by step. Pastel sorpresa. Paso a paso. 🎂✨

created by: @mariamglow
curated by: @ashikstd

¡Hola amigos!Hello friends!Holaa chicoss!! Espero que estén pasando un lindo miércoles!! Ya quería p...


A Teapot-shaped Money Box

created by: @amberkashif
curated by: @stevenson7

Hello everyone I hope we all are doing well.Here I am with my entry for the DIY Community's monthly ...


Repairing a bicycle completely - Reparando una bicicleta por completo

created by: @fixie
curated by: @stevenson7

that's how it was beforeAsí estaba antesHello dear friends, I hope you are very well, this time I wa...


YOYO con tapas de Chimó 🪀 YOYO with Chimó tops [Esp-Eng]

created by: @evev
curated by: @semarekha

Saludos apreciados lectores hoy doy vida y amor a mi blog 💕 con un post recreativo y didáctico dónde...


[ESP-ENG] Beautiful bow for girls ♻️

created by: @emmaris
curated by: @semarekha

Saludos queridos Amigos Greetings dear friendsFeliz y bendecida Noche tengan todos, sean bienvenido...


7 lucky elephants

created by: @desro
curated by: @ashikstd

In the previous post, I wrote about how I made a cutter.I tested it right away, but since then I've ...

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Amazing initiatives for great authors. I love that of amber. No knowledge is wasted. Thanks for giving the opportunity.

Thank you so much @diyhub !
You made my day ☀️👋

Tnx @ashikstd ! 🙏

A pleasure.

Gracias, gracias #Diyhub por el apoyo , me alegro verme aquí.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @semarekha ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Crafts is very good to have. It can help to survive with life. I like how those tea pot was made.

Thank you for the curation, @ashikstd! :)

A pleasure.

You're welcome. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for you support. I really appreciate it.

You're welcome. Keep up the great work.

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