Do a little DIY ~ Repairing and “Upgrading” My Air Bags...

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Alright something happened during my rear axle swap and now my driver side air bag doesn’t hold air. So when I add... say 30 psi of air to it... it drains out and my 1997 F-350 developes a nice gangsta lean.

Load leveling airbags are great when you do a bunch of towing/hauling with your truck/suv. Yes they make them for all kinds of vehicles. I have been using these Load Lifter 5,000 airbags for close to 10 years and this is the first issue, most likely self inflicted....

In this video I do an upgrade and reduce the amount of places for leaks and reduce how many places I have to fill them up at. Less is more... right?!?! Let’s hope this works out and doesn’t cause me more problems... we will see in the morning I guess

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Save $
And learn a thing or...

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@jlsplatts, Yes, Less Is More. And it's always fun and fulfilling essence when we fix our stuff ourselves. Stay blessed.

Let's just hope she holds air... lol. I have had those valves get stuck before so I am hoping by putting them in the tool bad they will stay cleaner.

I am not a fan of paying someone a substantial amount of money to do something I can do, or teach myself to do. Plus like you stated... it's fulfilling.
Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome and enjoy your time ahead.

I had airbags in a truck once...Most annoying things ever. One side kept releasing...I ended up throwing in an extra spring and putting up with the harder rear...When towing it was awesome, just a little stiff with no load. I don't think I'd have bags again.

I'm just about to do a GVM upgrade on my Landcruiser...200kg rear and a 2 inch lift...Should be good...When the parts arrive.

I have never had an issue until now. Though it would be nice to have on-board air so I could fill them up with the flip of a switch. That is another reason I put the valve in the tool gaps. I could wire in a pump and put a switch in the cab along with a pressure gauge.... welp looks like it's time to hit the drawing board. Lol.

Removing my dually tires softened the right quite a bit. A lot less 'bounce' when I would hit bumps. When I tow my camper I only put like 20-30psi in them. Just enough to lift the truck off the overload springs.

Heck ya!! That should help out nicely. Stuffing things up for when you need it.

I ended up putting in a helper Spring and that solved any issues...Except the hard rear. Oh well, better than deflating bags right? I don't have that truck anymore so it's not an issue.

Man, I would have been afraid to mess with the airbags myself.

Did you learn a lot of these things from trial and error or did you used to work as a mechanic as well?

At a young age my Dad said you break it you fix it.... to a point. He would hand me a repair manual whenever a part on my truck went bad and left me at that. Lots of reading, video watching, and gathering info from people. Learn on the fly. Lol

You very well might be a modern Renaissance man.

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