I Fixed My Garbage Disposal

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My garbage disposal has been broken for at least 3 weeks. I actually have forgotten how long it has not been functioning. It hummed and buzzed but would not turn around. I tried to get it started again using a wooden handle that I inserted into the garbage disposal. I have seen other people do that to get it to rotate. That did not work. What good is a double sink if I can only use one side.


At one point when I kept trying to get it to work to no avail, the on off switch on the wall sparked. I thought that my switch had shorted out and needed to be replaced, so I bought another one from Home Depot.


I took off the wall plate and looked at the old switch and I did not see any indication that the switch had burned out.


I turned the breaker back on and flipped the switch again, and my garbage disposal started humming again. I forgot to mention that after the spark, the garbage disposal was silent and didn't even hum.

Before I decided to replace the switch, I went to my old tutor Youtube and goggled garbage disposal humming. Lo and behold, there was a very short video that showed me step by step what to do. The man inserted an allen wrench in the center of the disposal after trying the reset button. I forgot to mention that I had already tried the red reset button and my disposal didn't come on either.

He put the allen wrench in the center hole which I did not know existed, and rotated the disposal. When he turned it back on, it worked. I duplicated his process and guess what? Mine started spinning too! I am so happy to get this problem solved and I did it myself.


I had gotten my allen wrench from the garage only to discover that a large allen wrench evidentally came with the disposal and was under my sink.

I am happy that I did not have to hire a repairman or buy a new garbage disposal that would have to be installed by a repairman. Whew! Thank goodness for Youtube and not being afraid to do it myself.

Enjoy your day!


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Very nice! I love how you problem solved it instead of just calling someone to come over to fix it. That’s the power of the ability to step back and think for ourselves to try to figure out what we need to do!

Garbage disposals are finicky things for sure, I’m glad it was an easy fix for you. It’s interesting that the bolt somehow tightened and stopped working, do you put really heavy loads in there like a lot of orange peels or something? Just trying to see if it’s an easy fix to not have to do that again.

Thanks again though, I really enjoyed learning this little trick, have to love YouTube! A DIY’ers best friend!

I didn't put a heavy load in the disposal. I'm thinking that a stray bone or something got in there perhaps and got stuck.

  ·  6 days ago (edited)

Ah yes that would make sense! You know what cheap trick my grandfather taught me? When you use the disposal, in heavy loads or with just random things but I would say particularly with bones or lemon peels and stuff is to fill a cup of ice and toss it in a few pieces at a time while it’s on. The ice chunks dislodge things that make it stuck and end up hurting it like you experienced. I’ve used it ever since!

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