Refurbishing of Cracked Walls of Our Classroom, Patching & Dressing of Our Floor

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Greetings @diyhub Community and everyone in Hive. It's another great day to share with you! I have always love to treat our children well, especially taking good care of their welfare. We're greatly blessed when we seek their good health. I remember that I last submitted one of the repair project we supported our students with by repairing their broken chairs for them. We are still in the old building. Some part can be said to have dilapidated, yet the new structure hasn't yet completed due to the invasion of the covid 19 pandemic. In actual fact they were using the funds of Easter funds raising to support, of which as I speak it has gotten to the lengthen level. Due to social distancing stuff of covid 19 pandemic, the break for association of Easter harvest and since then the structure had remained as it's.


The old structure too is very appalling to be described as classrooms for conducive teaching and learning. What would we do, since we don't have new place to move our students, we're still managing it. Day in and day out, the the school building keeps losing it strength, from the walls to the floor every part has some repairs. But we saw that we can't repair all at a go. There are many cracks on the walls and all the 3 classrooms having pot holes on the floors. We decided to refurbish some of these repairs work with some little internal generated funds (IGF). We quickly arranged with our headteacher in the school ( Anansu Presby Junior High School). He got us funds to buy 1 bag of cement which cost Gh¢ 80 equivalent to $7.59. Our Building Design & Technology (BDT) Teacher who is well skilled in construction volunteered to do it free of charge. We alread have sand and gravels as remains of the materials they are using for the new building.

Materials needed for patching of cracked walls and floor dressing

The materials are very simple as listed here:

1• 1 bag 40kg of cement

2• sand

3• gravels

4• water

5• hand trowel

6• wooden floor

7• help pan

8• shovel

9• spirit level


The 1 bag of cement we we were using for the work. We've fetched few from it

The process of work

With the help of some energized male students, we didn't hire labourers for the mixing of the concrete or mortar. They were eager to learn something from here since forms part of their BDT curriculum. Ideally they needed to organize practical work like this periodically for some of the students who in future would choose architectures as their career. Well, this is some patches of walls and dressing of classrooms so no accurate measurements of cement and sand ratio was taken. The BDT Teacher guided the students to fetch sample of sand, gravels and cement to mix together. With the help of the shovels, we perfectly mixed the mixture. We poured the required water into the mixture. Soon it was ready for main work to begin. First was to begin the floors of the classrooms. We guided them to fetch some of the concrete into the help pan.


The mixing of the concrete by the students, guided by teachers.


the help pan loaded with concrete ready for the patches of the floor and dressing


Mr. Osae Asare; Our BDT Teacher began the patches of damaged floor at Form 1 classroom


You're viewing the state of our classroom being patched with concrete, left with some few dressing with cement

Mr. Osae Asare; our BDT Teacher began the patching of the form 1 classroom when the students brought the concrete. The classroom look very poor. With the help of the hand trowel,we dressed most of the damaged parts that urgent repairs. Some cracked of the walls were also filled with the concrete to make the walls very strong.


patching of the cracked walls, all filled with mortar


The state of the walls after filling the concrete. It would be dressed later after partially dried

We began to lay about 2 blocks each for form 2 and form 3 windows. At first the windows were mouldings form. And since they have long existed they began to collapse. They were kind of death trap for our students, so we later removed them from the window. Now the windows look opened with nothing enclosed. Due to this, they keep wearing out on daily basis. We are having some spare blocks so we decided to use some to repair the affected parts of the two rooms( form 2 and form 3).

We guided the students to mix the concrete again, fetched some into the help pan. Mr. Osae Asare began laying the the 2 blocks for each of the rooms. He first fetched the concrete on to the affected areas and levelled. Students were asked to bring the blocks. Mr. Osae Asare placed the blocks on the concrete levelled and check the level using the Spirit level. Everything was accurate now. He filled the space of the 2 blocks and dressed the surfaces with some of the mortar. They now look very nice.



levelling the concrete on the surface of the old block


Laying the blocks on the mortar


The finished work of blocks laid

Even though we couldn't finished all part of the damaged parts which need repairs. The work on the building is really large and 1 bag of 40kg cement can't complete all. But we are on course refurbishing all the affected parts gradually. This is some of support we are rendering to our School and the community. Thanks for your attention!

Great finishing, some work is a real pleasure.

Thanks so much for your support. Yes, it was hard finishing. There are more work to accomplish.

Students did it with their own hands. It not only would increase their skills for future but also would increase their love for their school.

At this time of inflation it is not possible to fix that many damages with your pocket. It is so nice of the school staff to think about the betterment of the school and do whatever they can.

That's really true. We need to fix the repair work gradually, our own pocket can fix everything. We would sure look for funds somewhere. My pleasure.

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