New fabrics, new dresses are my newest addiction. Diy of a smoked dress

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Hello Hive



There is a way new outfits makes me happy, maybe I still feel like that little teen of years back who was always looking forward to a new dress from her mummy at Christmas.
Skirts do not appeal to me much, I just want a new dress in a new fashion and style.

Going into fashion designing also elevated my desire for new clothes
Every fabrics is appealing in one way or the other, sometimes its the color other times its the texture and design. In no time you will see me aching to to cut and sew something new.

Here is my cousins fabrics and outfit I just sewed yet modeled it in her absence.
My cousin @enuwa came for the election break with this fabrics wanting me to make something for her

We thought about a dress and this is what we have sewn.




To make a smoked dress, I measured a multiple of her body measurements.

The chest is 33" but we used 99" instead to make up for the pulling allowance from the dress.

Doing the same thing to the waist sleeve and other measurements.

I had to make a paper pattern for the sleeves when it seems like I was getting confused.


But come to think of it that was why we have patterns and paper to avoid making mistakes in our fabrics.
Paper works ensures more accuracy of our measurements and manipulation of the stylelines.

There is a special type of elastic threads we have used to pull the upper parts of the 3x bodice measurements to make the box gathers you see there.
And "smoking" is the term giving to the process.


Deciding to smoke the dress half way was the style we wanted in mind.
Otbers might just prefer a funky smoked dress but this is what we have chosen to sew.


The dress feels so good on me and I don't feel like passing it over to @enuwa anymore, or perhaps I would purchase some cheap fabrics and replicate this for myself.

Making a dress today with the photo sections and all made me feel alot happier now I understand why we are often taught to follow our hearts and do the things we love


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I love the fabric, it's a beautiful color and it suits you very well, the effect of the upper part is super cute, it's very trendy, it's a beautiful dress, I hope you make one soon because it suits you very well :3

Thank you so much, I never thought this new trend will fit me too, but I loved it after all.

Thanks for stopping by.

This dress is so beautiful and it looks great on you!

I have never tried to do these elastic rufles you did on chest before, it looks like a lot of work but the result is so good that makes me wanna try!😊

Its truly a lot of work, you have to sew for hours especially if it is on a manual sewing machine.
Thank you for the kind words. 🌺🌺🌺🌹

Sewing sure makes us happy, we get to make new dresses for ourselves and those around us, who doesn't love a new dress?

You have done a great job, that dress is beautifully done and looks pretty on you.

Thank dearie 😍💖💃💃💃🌺🌹

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No he podido hacer la traducción de tu contenido amiga, me disculpo, pero no podía dejar de comentarte que me encanta ese estilo de vestido, soy fans de las elásticas en esa parte del atuendo. La estás luciendo de maravilla. Muchos éxitos.

Looks great on you!

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My cousin sew on a regular and he has so many dresses in his wardrobe and I do like it. You guys spend less on making clothes for yourselves I guess. That dress is super cool and adorable. Please give her the dress and go see your own😃😃. Maybe the next one you would see will be nice than this of which we don't know ooo but we pray so😂. I learnt something today from this blog and that is smoking a dress while sewing. Maybe the next time my cousin will see for me I will tell him to smoke my dress😂😂. Thank you very much for the post. And please give your sis the beautiful dress you made for her😊😊😊