Scaffolding is up!

in hive-189641 •  22 days ago 

And what a fine tower it is.

Next up is to get up on the roof and hack back the chimneys, replace some badly repaired roof tiles and install a new velux window (or sky light as some may know it!)


Stay tuned for the next chapter of renovation wars!

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Damn that's a whole load of scaffolding - did you put it up yourself?

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

God no, I wish I did though as it cost a small fortune! But it was needed. Works are under way to hack back and repairs to bad previous "repair" jobs. render the chimneys. There is also a new velux window and some reap It'll be in the later stages of renovation wars!

Now that looks like some fun there! Stay Safe and looking forward to seeing the work

Thanks for checking it out. We have a load of works underway. So lots of new and exciting posts on the drawing board as we renovate this old pile!

How old is the house? I am an avid watcher of Ask This Old House and I love seeing how those 100+ year old home were built and how they accommodate the structural difference between back then and now.

I will be watching to see what you got doing on next


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