DIY process on how i cut and sew a short nicker

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Hi guys!

Greetings to you all; how are you all doing, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely and sweet day ahead.
I want to share with you all a DIY process on how I made a beautiful short nicker for myself.

In this process, I remember having a few little pieces of cloth, so I wanted to make a unique nicker instead of dumping it.

Here I folded the fabric into two, I firstly drafted the front side, and in this front side I made sure I had my waist measurement, flap, laps, length, and edge. So I used my waist measurement and divided it into four equal parts, then put in 2 inches for sewing allowance, then used the waist measurement and added another 1 inch to complete my flap measurement, I divided my laps into two, not four, because it is a female nicker, I measured my length, and I also divided the edge into four, so I made sure I drafted the front

After finishing with the front I used the front to cut the back but the back also need to measure if we look at the front side there is a hip so from that hip I added 4 inches because I am going to put a side pocket so I will have enough allowance in it.

I now finished with the front and back cutting, the process of cutting a short nicker needs to start with the front side first so that you can have the back side correctly and the back side also needed allowance from the edge I put 2inchs the laps I put 3inchs so that it will not be so tight, here are what the front and back looks like.

The process of putting the side pocket is not a big deal, but as I said, cutting the front side needs measurement, and the side pocket also needs measurement. I take an inch and a half from the waist, and from where the 1 and a half stops, I start there and measure 6 inches, and 6 inches is the mouth pocket, so I used the pocket pieces to sew it and turned it inside both the left and right pocket, so this is the side pocket.

I now come to the process of putting the zip before putting the zip. I firstly cut the length of my flap with a large size like 3 inches, then I used the front side on top of the zip, so I now sew it together; I did not want to put elastic in but I wanted to try and put a zip, and I thank God I succeeded.

After finishing with the zip, I now join them both with the back so that it will look nice, the zip, the pocket, and others, but I am not yet done with it all.

Here is the final stage; after joining everything, I now put on the waist band and end up with the bending, so this is how my short nickers look like. Thank you all for going through this post. I'll see you all in my next tutorial.



Wow you have done a great work give it up

This is lovely, you have done a good job. Sewing is a lot of fun.

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It looks really cool and perfect, you made it very easily and skillfully.

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