Paint On My Bag: Colorful Bag

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Hello guys....

I have a cute bag that I've had for a long time, this is a bag my friend gave me as my graduation present. I really like this bag, even though this bag is quite old but still has good quality, but this bag doesn't have much decoration on it, and this time I decided to paint on my bag.

Of course I need some art supplies to paint, I will use some colors from acrylic paint, round brushes, pencils and of course the bag that I will paint. This is a bag with canvas material, has a beautiful pink color and on the bag there is a picture of an ice bear.

I'll start by drawing using a pencil, I'll sketch it first before starting to paint it with acrylic paint. I'm going to draw a cat's hand, a sun, a strawberry, a smile, some confetti and stripes, and also make the words Have a good day.

Then I'm going to start painting everything using acrylic paint, to be honest it's quite difficult. Unlike painting on canvas usually, painting on this bag is quite difficult because the surface is quite rough so this makes it difficult for me. I'm going to start by making the cat's hands, I'm going to use white and pink, then because I want to make a bag that has a bright color and looks vibrant so I'm going to add lots of color to the confetti and other small decorations, and to say Have a good the day I will also use a different color. For the sun I'll use yellow, and black for the smile.

Actually I feel there are some parts that are not neat enough, but this looks pretty good and cute. It has a lot of colors that when I see it makes me happy, to be honest this is my first time painting on a bag and it's such a good result, I want to paint on another bag.

Alright, that's it for this time. I will show again what I did in the next post.

Thank you for reading my post and don't forget to read my other posts.


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