Coconut Melon Musk Juice With Creamy Sensation

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Fresh inside, happiness outside.
Healthy choices with natural sweetness.


Nature has given us many sweet food sources. It's like nature's romantic way for my soul to feel calm when I have to face many problems in life. Sweet fruits, for example, are things we should be grateful for.


Each region does have distinctive fruits that are different from one another. This makes us appreciate one another. Also, it makes us curious to taste fruits in other people's areas. And one thing is certain, it makes us grateful for the abundant supply of fruits available in nature.

Coconut is one of the fruits that I am most grateful for. All parts of coconut can be processed, and valuable. I'm going to use young coconut in this refreshing drink recipe. I use young coconut water and young coconut flesh.

If you can only find the old coconut or even too young coconut, then you have no coconut flesh but that's okay. It's just the texture will not be creamy. But the taste is still incredibly sweet.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, I have melon musk. oh, that sounds like an interesting melon name, right? :P


Beautiful melon musk in a fruit specialty store window grown hydroponically.

I bought this melon musk for IDR 65K or about USD 4.65. Sounds a little pricey but I'm okay with that. At least, I can get a good quality sweet and fragrant melon.


The use of melon musk which has a beautiful orange flesh color is a great advantage for a nice finished drink.



Well, what if you don't have honey melon like mine which is purple? You can replace it with melon in general. But the sweetness will be reduced. So you can add other sweeteners.

The Ingredients


  • a big size young coconut
  • 300 grams of melon
  • (optional) ice cubes for serving

How To Make It

Preparing Young Coconut.

First of all, I took the coconut water out of the coconut shell. Then, split the coconut into two parts. And, I dredge the coconut meat. set aside.

Cutting Melon.

After finishing preparing the young coconut, I prepared the melon. Starting from splitting the melon into two parts.

Removing the Seeds and Skin of the Melon.

Remove the melon seeds and skin. Then cut the melon into small pieces, so that they become easier to blend into juice.

Adding All Ingredients Into Blender.

Put all the ingredients into the blender. Adjust the amount to your taste.

If you don't like the creamy texture, you can add more coconut water compared to the melon flesh measure.

Serving Juice.

When finished blending, serve the juice with a serving glass. Add young coconut flesh and melon flesh as garnishes, which are shaped according to taste.


I formed the melon in a semicircle shape. Then I poked melon flesh and young coconut flesh with a toothpick to put them on the glass.


You can add ice cubes or not. For my version this time, I don't use ice because I have a cold.


The result of this drink is very sweet. I didn't think about that. The natural sweetness from young coconut water and honey melon musk melon which is sweeter than most melons.


This drink is perfect for serving in sunny areas and for those of you who like sweet drinks. Also, kids will love this drink to accompany their playtime.

So, what do you think? What is your favorite type of fruit that you usually make juice without the addition of artificial sweeteners?

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.





Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

Contact Person:
Discord: anggreklestari#3009


Waw, very tempting juice, maybe I should try to make something like this too

You can try to make it with melon in general. Some area is not easy to find orange (honey) melon like mine 😊

Yes, luck is on my side this time, my friend has a large melon field near my house, with several variations of melons

Oh that's great. I hear in your city there is hydroponic system' too :)

Yaa, I will try it when the harvest is later

Ohhh, this is super delicious! I love melon and mixed with coconut it is creamy, smooth, exquisite.

It's good to see you at Amazing Drinks, welcome my child.

I hope you have a great week.

A hug!

Absolutely that's creamy texture. We would love to drink it all day 😊

Have a great weekend;

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Thank you so much, amazingdrinks for your support!

Mouth watering. I love this juice

The sweet taste will make you love it for sure. 😊

Very easy and delicious without sugar and it is a healthy drink. thanks for sharing.💓😊

In your area, you have abundance of coconut. You can try it for sure 😊

This must be absolutely delightful. I love those melons. I have never made a drink with young coconut. It's hard to find but I prefer that to the old one. I will remember this for the summer. Those melons are super expensive there. They are not much less here as well.😊

Maybe you can search for Thai Coconut. They sold in the big supermarket I think. But if you can't find it, young coconut water in the can of instant product will be great choice too 😊

Oh this is very nice, I didn't know about this community and it looks very interesting 😊 as well as that delicious melon drink 😍 I'm going to subscribe to follow the posts of this community. Cheers @anggreklestari have a nice day 🤗

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Thank you so much, visual shots community! 😊

@anggreklestari! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @dimascastillo90. (5/5)

This community is for drink, Separated from Foodies community. So this Will be great choice if you want to post about drink shop or your homemade drink 😊

I will try as much as possible 😊

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I like it! Wish I could taste it or make one soon. Looks delicious

I'm sure in your area you can find coconut. It Will be great. 😊

There are lots of coconuts here hehe

Perfect! 😊

Might try it hehe

Agree all parts of coconut are useful and we have a lot at home!
Melon this is one of the fruits that I love either eating or as juice. Yet only now I got an idea it will go well with coconut juice!

Thanks for sharing.

When you make a coconut juice, then make sure to use young coconut flesh 😊

Yay! 🤗
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Melon is such a refreshing fruit, I love melon juice and shake.

Looks so refreshing sis. Pictures are also beautifully captured and you set a benchmark for the food blogging niche.

Wow! This is so yummy for sure. Young coconut is so delicious for me and it will be more yummy added with melon.

This is a healthy and yummy juice for everyone.

I always love the way you show the final output.

OMG! The presentation is to die for! It is more appetizing thanks to this. And that's a perfect combination ha. I love both fruit.☺️

I'm glad you enjoyed the combination of melon and coconut, which is the drinks that make these flavors in creative and tasty ways. Persinally, coconut milk I often used it for cooking rather than drinks, but after seeing this creative style, I really want to try it.

Thanks @anggreklestari for this yummy drinks blog.


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You are an expert in preparing drink and food recipes, @anggreklestari. I like it. Regarding melons, in our village, Paloh Dyah, Lhokseumawe, Aceh, there used to be residents who planted green and white melons.

The melon is fragrant, sweet in taste, soft on the inside.

It was planted there around 2009. The farmer named the melon after him, namely "Nazar Melon", because at that time it was a new plant in Lhokseumawe. He's the only one who planted it, as far as we know. About the coconut, we live in a coconut grove. Nice coconut.
Congratulations, the recipe must be delicious, and keep making the recipe for us to learn, for the sake of the wealth of our country.