Finally I finished the structural design of my new school project .

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Hi hivers .

Today I finished the structural design of my new school project. This is a very happy thing for me. Because after about 8 hours of effort I was able to finish this job. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done. I have just finished designing the structure of this building. The interior design has not been done yet. Anyway, I can see what the building will look like, so this is a lot for me. I think my work has been successful.


It is a primary and high school. Students from class 1 to 6 will be taught here. It will be built far away from where I live. In fact, the one who will make it is my friend. And as such, I get the responsibility of the design of this building. Some more engineers are involved in doing this project. Now I can see it in real peace. Hopefully after designing its interior it will look more beautiful. Moreover, there is some structural work left. I hope I can finish everything just like that.

Complete design after rendering processes .


Let me tell you something about this design. It is a two storey building. The design of the lower floor and the upper floor is similar. There are 6 rooms on the ground floor. And there are two toilets. One for teachers and one for students. There are 6 rooms, one for the head teacher and one for the general teacher and the rest of the rooms are for students to class. There is a similar room design on the second floor. But there is no room for the head teacher or other teachers upstairs. Every room here is for students to class. And there are two separate toilets for students

Top View .


This is a private school. So this is designed in such a way that it can be made bigger in the future. This means that the building can be up to 5 floors maximum. And there is no elevator. Here you have to use the stairs to go up to each floor. This house is made in L shape. Because it is due to scarcity of land. And it is designed in L shape to provide adequate room. A field has been set up in front of the school where children can play.

Back side .


This building will be used as a school and there will be many children here, many children will take classes together. Adequate windows have been placed inside each class for their health. This will allow enough air to circulate inside the room and the room temperature will be at the right level. The toilet also has this arrangement. So that the smell of toilet does not spoil the school environment.

If you look at the pictures below, you can understand the room arrangement inside the whole building

Ground floor and top floor room arrangement.


whole building design without rendering .


Hopefully I have been able to explain everything in detail about this design.

I also used two software's to do this design.
1.sketchup 2018. (3D design software.)
2.V_Ray 2018. (Photo rendering software)

Special Note : The design I made here is based entirely on my experience. Everything used here is done to make the design beautiful. Here I used the color of my choice. If you want to use this design, you must consult an experienced engineer.

I hope you like my design.
I am Arhat from Bangladesh. I am a Civil Engineer. I work with this kind of #(Architecture+Design). I always use this software. Everything that has been used here has been done to enhance the beauty of the design. Thanks.