new interior design of a house .

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Hi Hivers,

Welcome to my blog. I work with different types of building designs. So most of the post here is related to design. Moreover, I sometimes write about various types of design, social system, modern world, etc. are related.

This is a house plan and its interior design. I have said in many posts before that many people do not know how to decorate their house even if they want to. And it is the responsibility of an engineer to make these plans correctly. So I designed this plan today as an engineer.

This design has been done in a very small space. Because many of us think that it is not possible to build a house in a small space. If you look at this design, you can see that inside this small space, I have arranged almost everything for human habitation.


this room has 3 bed rooms. The size of each of which (12 '* 12'). This room is the first living room. And with it the attached dining room. There are 2 bathrooms. And next to it there is a dress changing room. There is a huge kitchen. You can see that there are 2 small verandas next to the kitchen and one bedroom. There is another veranda next to the living room.


Special attention has been keep to the privacy of the people living in this house while designing this house. You can see that if someone is sitting in the living room, he will not be able to see any bedroom in any way. And if any guest comes, you can bring him directly from the living room to the dining room. This will prevent him from seeing inside your home and will not compromise your privacy. The bathroom in this room is placed in such a way that it can be used directly from the two bedrooms located side by side. And I gave a dress change room because the floor is wet after using the bathroom. Due to which, if she goes to change her dress in that bathroom, her dress may get wet. And I gave a veranda next to the kitchen because the temperature of the room rises a lot during cooking. The kitchen temperature will remain accurate due to the use of the porch.

Hopefully I have been able to explain everything in detail about this design.

I used two software's to do this design.
1.sketchup 2018. (3D design software.)
2.V_Ray 2018. (Photo rendering software)

Special Note : The design I made here is based entirely on my experience. Everything used here is done to make the design beautiful. Here I used the color of my choice. If you want to use this design, you must consult an experienced engineer.

I hope you like my design.
I am Arhat from Bangladesh. I am a Civil Engineer. I work with this kind of #Architecture+ #Design. I always use this software. Everything that has been used here has been done to enhance the beauty of the design. Thanks.