See How Things Could Go Wrong (Self Defense Situation # 134)

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Martial art is not to attack someone and hurt innocent people. It is only for self defense. We face a lot of issues that we can easily solve if we communicate well. Because of being arrogant and do something driven by ego and anger, you put your life in danger.

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation # 134. Every situation is different and you cannot fit one thing in every situation. What works in one situation, that might not work in another situation. When you fight for self defense, your move should be based on the situation.

Today we are going to look at something that actually happened. It is not something that's made up. Let's watch this video. This is not my video and video credit goes to Fight SCIENCE.

Source and Video Credit

A guy was leaning on a car and talking on the phone. The owner of the car came and asked him to move. He was busy talking. Maybe the guy with the back t-shirt did not take it nicely, he moved and then pushed the owner of the car.

You can push your opponent as a defense or to make the distance between you and your opponent. If you just push someone without any reason, it increases the intensity. The guy whom you push would do something because of your action.

The guy with the black shirt did not stop there. He went further. He put his phone down and kicked the car owner's box. What he was doing, that's rude and unnecessary.

The owner of the car came back with a knife and attacked him. So what could be done in this situation?

Knife attack on the street.jpg

First of all, the guy who leaned on the car had the control, if he just moved from there without doing all these, nothing would have happened. In order to defend yourself, not only physical fitness but also your mental or psychological fitness are important. You will not get in trouble willingly, will you?

Never underestimate your opponent. You think he is young or old. He can have some skills and you do not know his background. When the car owner came back with a knife, he did not hide it. He showed the knife and moved towards him.

So as a defense, do not wait for the person to get close to you. As soon as you see the knife, you should take your action. If you think leaving the place would be a good idea, do that fast.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. I appreciate your support and feedback!

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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