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I think two days ago, I was able to go through @mipiano post which she was talking about her leaving the piano for obloe instrument which she was just using as fun and I accepted the challenge to pick an instrument which I haven't played before or got an idea of how to play it since she already said we should talk about that instrument and what prompt us to that instrument itself.

I have been a lover of drums from my childhood days but I do not have the privilege to beat it. Drumset is not that easy to beat looking at so many face of drum and just using two sticks to make it sound harmonised, it has been so Great for me today to try out that new instrument which I already have in mind.

So what made me to pick the drums as an instrument which I will play was because I wanted to try out those things which I do see that drummers perform and it has always draw my attention to play drums from the onset and seeing @mipiano post I decided to give it a try and check out how I will play my rubbish on the drums.

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Hahaha, it can't be true you are leaving the piano for drumsets! Or? Maybe, yes? :D

You really made it! You accepted the challenge and played the drums, in the church! That was brave, and you did it 10 times better than I would do it 😅

You are making blush o🤗. And it was the rubbish I played o

Hahaha, @mayorkeys, it is fun and you made it with fun, so the purpose of my post is fulfilled. Thank you so much for your participation 🙌
and still, I would not play the drums like you, better you accept the truth :)

Ok I accept now

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