Finally!!! Getting some paint on my new custom center console for my 1 ...

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Finally!!! Getting some paint on my new custom center console for my 1997 F-350. Got a few cup holders to add and some 12V plugs and I will be done… I think?? DIY post coming up!!
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That looks great! props for going DIY. I always want to try and fabricate stuff, but end up just buying it on amazon/ebay.. :P

I have a 3,200 watt inverter that the console will fit over. So the only way to do it is make a custom console. I still have a few things to finish up but it’s getting close

i see. thats cool!

It's much easier to buy things already made... But I believe DIY is more rewarding, isn't it?

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for sure.

Is this a controller for a Truck? I looked up 1997 F-350 and I only found vehicle photos~ !LOL

How is this used?

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The inverter hooks up to the 12 volt batteries and converts it to 120v. So I can just all sorts of power tools, microwaves, compressors… you name it off of my truck.

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Oh!!!! ...I understand now. Yeah, that's what an inverter does. I was confused at first.

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Thanks for the answer~

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Oops I misunderstood what you were asking. Yes it’s a Ford F-350 Diesel… a Man-Truck 😂😂

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