The uniqueness in Music I and my talking Drum

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Life has the music it plays per time, and those songs are not without their sounds, rhythms, and kinesthetic expectation. People expect you to act in a particular way when life makes certain thing happen to you. Say you are experiencing a break-up, people expect you to wrap yourself around the songs of unhappiness.

However, when life does not play the songs that you want, you have to play it by yourself. People may call it noise because of the interference and confliction of sounds but it is by noise that the walls of Jericho fell. It is by noise that the depth of your impacts are known. And most of our celebrated heroes in Nigeria are noisemakers.

Noise seem to be the result of the stubborn assertion of your faith in the face of contending and contrasting realities. We must make noise anyway.

Wishing you all a great week ahead


great to see another musical passionate! welcome here my friend and thank you so much for follow :)

You're welcome boss

I'm seven years old, and I love African music
Great photos.
Please make video.


waooooo I really want to ooo but I don't no how

do you have any samples :) ?

Yes I do