Day 73

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What's up Weed Nerds? Hope the week has treated you all well. I have to say with this grow nearing the end, it is bitter sweet. Knowing that I will not have to worry about taking care of a 4x4 tent in such a small space is relieving. On the other hand, having to worry about buying herb from the store, or from someone on the black market is not so much relieving. It has actually been about 5 years since I have had to worry about that! Don't' get me wrong it is nice to go to the store, and pick out a little bit of bud that is different, but having to do that to keep you good for a week is expensive! Sure I can wait to buy on the days they have deals. But even then it is defiantly more then what I pay in costs to grow. So here in the coming weeks I have to get a small tent, so I will not have to worry about all this, and I can keep on doing what I love.


Strains that are left on the day 73 mark:


So here on the final days, I have only been giving these a flush, and a watering of Reverse Osmosis water. The breeder says these are 9 week strains(63 days), and here I am 10 days over. But the when you see a strain listed as 9 weeks, 11, or 8, it is more of a recommendation then exact. I could of cut 10 days ago, but I am pushing these as far as they will let me.

The only one giving me a very hard time right now is the Chili Verde. As you can see above I had to stake up, because all the tops are starting to cave in on their weight. It is becoming concerning, at least on if I can let them go much longer.

A few buds that I could not stake up good, I went ahead and cut. Looks ok, nose is very musky, and peppery. Actually spot on the description from the breeder!

The flowers on the Chili Verde have plumped up a tad in the last 4 days alone! For sure would of been a waste to cut 10 days ago. I will do my best to tie them up better, to alleviate that buds from falling on to each other. I want to go at least another 4 days. Fingers crossed.....

I am using long twisty ties to anchor to the stake


The Dosi Sherbert has started to swell up just a tad over the last few days. This one is very sturdy, and will not have to worry about any buds drooping over.

The Trichomes are still milky white, and I can barley see any amber, pretty crazy to think since it is on day 73! I want to go way longer to get more amber, but since I use the tent to dry, I am not sure if I can longer then the others. Perhaps I can just make a make shift dry room with a big cardboard box to do what I have to do.


Last but not least, the Larrys Breath! This one has not grew much larger, but it is packing on the Trichomes. There is a little bit of drooping, but no where near as bad as the Chili Verde.

She is defiantly ready! Even the sample I had that was cut over a week ago was very nice, and the buzz was on point. Perhaps I will just bite the bullet, and cut this one, so that way I can manage the Chili Verde better. We will see. On a other note the Knights Templar Og has turned out great! Not spectacular, but thinking it may have been a total loss, it turned out good. The Bud Wash worked like a charm. Ill do a post on that later in the week. In the mean time I have some choices to make, and perhaps some things to build. One thing for sure is keeping the room at 40% humidity is working out good, and eases my mind for any chance for mold to grow. The plants are a bit stressed, but that is not necessarily a bad thing this late in the cycle. Until next time, everyone have a great week!





They all look really good to me. I'm surprised you had so much bud drooping and wonder if the branches got enough wind during the younger stages. I think weak branches can really have a big potential effect on the overall yield.

You managed that problem like a pro though and all of the plants are packing nice trichomes. Loving all the beautiful color changes on those leaves too.

Harvest time is always the best!

Well it’s a mixture of wind, and probably not getting the required amount of nutrients. Then also the buds are getting heavy, which be is whoa trellis is something that would of been ideal

I like your style dude. It is easy to take the strains longer when using leds or light that is more full spectrum. But still you are right. My buddy is saying oh this is a 11 week strain or this or that but basically unless it is a more of a pure/standard kush like a bubba than I will keep a closer eye on the tricomes earlier on.

Were you scoping the tricomes or went by calyx development?

Doing a little of both. The calyxes are saying they’re ready, but the trichomes are saying not yet.

Now you are pillow talkin me...

How do you do the meme thing again?

!gif the cure

!gif you the man!

Looks good man. I really need to try a photo period one of these days.

I think you would probably grow the best here on the chain! You already are growing the best autos💪

looks good, brother! !BEER
I already smoke some of the big mack leaves...and they're good :)
the other plant is turning male i guess
and I'm grateful! :)

That’s good to hear, sorry to hear about the male though

bro the size and the trichos looks really nasty i envy you, right now i am with the harvest of my own my plants :D

Thanks bro! Yours is looking mighty good too!

They all look great and the PM didn't spread to the others, great.

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Yeah it was a great move to separate the infected one. That shit is so nasty and almost impossible to stop from spreading once it appears. Should of took it back to the nursery at the start. But I do suspect it was the stores fault

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