Blender 2.81: How I have created the animated DTube discord server icon

in hive-196037 •  14 days ago  (edited)

Today I want to reveal how I have created the new animated DTube discord server icon!

I tried to structure this tutorial a bit different than normal and I would like to hear some feedback of you!

  1. I did the whole animation with (free) blender 2.81, a (payed) shader pack (but you can do that by your own of course) called komikaze and exported the result as an avi file.

  2. For extracting the D. out of a svg file I used (free) inkscape and openAviToGif 0.6 was used to convert the my finished avi to a highres gif.

Also you would need a discord server with at least 2 server boosts of course. You can read more about that here:

All the downloads I recommend & you would need to recreate this:

I would like to share the project file because but I have used non-free shaders. But if you have those shaders feel free to comment and I can share this project with you.

Thanks for your feedback!

music credits:

Above The Clouds by | e s c p |
Music promoted by
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

a few other links:
📸 main camera:
📸 vlogging lense:
📸 second lense:
🎤 main mic:
🎤 wireless mic:

🌐 My 360 cam:
📸 My webcam:
🎙️My desktop mic:

📸 IG:
💬 TW:

💻 Hive:

🎁 support me via ethereum: 0xd3e33b3f5b421c45b0a5ec0ee7209f7e3777d994
☕ buy me a coffee:

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Thanks Sergio :)

It’s a great job. I will have to watch the video several times before I understand everything there is to do ( not very easy for a French ;) )

Haha thanks! I skipped a few things like shortcuts and all that stuff so if you have any question just let me know :) I think I will create more tutorials of this kind and would be happy if you give me some tasks :)

Really good job!

Thank you :) I hope the tutorial was not too wierd ^^

At all! Really great job! :)

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