Dailypetphotography: Our storks

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I caught myself on the fact that lately I have little mention of our storks. This year no stork chicks have come to us yet, but 15 crow chicks and 5 magpies have arrived, so I was completely busy taking care of them.

Five adult storks now live with us. Three of them cannot fly due to their disabilities, and two are ... too lazy to fly.

Storks can be good pets. They quickly get used to humans, because these birds historically live next to us, building their nests next to human dwellings. They are very intelligent and behave like dogs.

If baby storks come to us and they are healthy, I try to communicate with them as little as possible so that they are not dependent on humans. I just bring them food and make sure they are healthy. They communicate with adult birds. This approach allows us to return them to the wild.

If a chick arrives with a wing injury that makes it impossible for it to fly, then I can not limit myself, as was the case with the stork Beak. Such a chick becomes completely tame.






I want a pet stork someday

I would like to help sick animals just like you, they are majestic