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Hi to my HiveFam from my lovely pet Iriska by name❤️ It's her year, as we all know, a year of a Rabbit, and I do hope she will attract much Luck to us and all my friends:)

We need just to buy for her a lot of dill every day to please her😄

One more way to please a year symbol is to have it's small copy at home. People say it works, so why not if we have three 3D-printers at home:)

This one was made with the help of our photopolymer printer. Then we
primed it
painted it
and draw her perfect "smokey eyes" like make-up masters would say😊

I think they look really the same, do you agree?
The same ears, eyes, fur...

It seems to me Iriska really likes her mini-copy, that's why she even let me made some photos;)

I like detalisation of photopolymer items - even fut looks fine though the size is so tiny!

and that's her favourite dish - DILL:)😍

And that's her favourite place - my arms;)

I've fed Iriska with lots os dill, made a small copy, say hello from my Hive Fam, so.....let's wait for GREAT LUCK, guys!😉✨


Too cute! Funny that the rabbit likes dill, wouldn’t have thought that.

why??:) it's greenery, and all rabbits are fond of it, any kind:)

Your pet is cute

yeah she is, thanks a lot!😊

Wow, that rabbit is too cute. It's like a stuffed toy. It's so fluffy. 😍

thaank you:))

You're welcome. ☺️

Maybe I should print some too:


Jackalope! En/Ру

ahaha why horns?:)

Exactly! Jackalope=jackrabbit+antelope

If you think that's weird, it's tame compared to the German wolpertinger, which also has wings: