A Different Way to Game - A DIY Fortnite Experience

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This is what happens when you limit game playing and tell your kids to get more creative with their free time.

In our household Fortnite is one of the main talks when it comes to online games. If we allowed them to play everyday believe me they would. We noticed the anticipation of getting on the game was interfering with their focus in school so we decided to limit their game play to weekends only.

During our school weeks we do not turn on the television until the evenings. I really dislike seeing my kids glued to the TV screen when they could be exercising their brains with reading and creating. We always challenge them to get creative with things they have around the house.

A few days ago they asked me if I had any cardboard I wasn’t using. Usually when they ask for that I know they are in the process of making something. I noticed they were working together and sharing supplies in our schoolroom.

A couple of hours later it sounded like a battle was going on in there. I started hearing terms that are used in Fortnite and they were going back and forth challenging each other and talking smack like they do during the game.

Of course the mother in me assumed they had lost their minds and logged in to the game without permission 😲😄.

I enter the room to find them typing on these crafted laptops along with moving their mice around as they act out a battle with one another. The funny part was the one who had the best act and sound effects (pretty much the most convincing) was the one winning the battles. The other two were in agreement with the win.

My first thought was

Wow, they must have really been bored. 😂

Then I thought further

Wow, my kids are so creative and do good handiwork!

I was really impressed with what they created and it was cool seeing them having fun enjoying their designs.


Our eldest son (age 10) has been building and drawing things since he could pick up a pencil. You’ve heard about him before, the one who is a monster fan and draws them
on everything.

Can you spot the one eyed monster?

He’s fascinated with my husband’s tech geek mind and watches how he uses his tools and gadgets.

He decided to build his laptop with layers. As you can see with this first layer he made a hack blocking antenna to intercept anything hackers try to do. He told me no one can get around this antenna and he won’t ever have to worry about being hacked. 😄

Then the eye scanner of course is for his eye only and no one else will be able to enter into the game layer without his eye.

Did I mention my husband is also into cybersecurity? Yea, my son seems to be heading in that direction was well. 😅


Oh, did you think the security features were done? Not a chance.

He also added an alarm system. If someone gets to this next level their entire body will be scanned and my son will be alerted of the intrusion. I don’t think anyone is going to succeed breaking into his system.


Here you can see he added his own coding system to use as he needs. My husband has taught them how to code using a free curriculum you can find on code.org…it’s pretty awesome btw.


I’m not sure what this layer is used for but it looks like it has some action keys for Fortnite. Looks like more coding in the yellow area too.

This final layer is where all the action takes place. His gaming laptop is made with folding glass which folds out from all those layers to the actual gaming spot.


There’s the current battle at the top of the screen. His siblings are in there with him and of course he added a few monsters below. 😄

I really think my son will grow up to be an inventor of many things. He will definitely be building things with his hands because it’s been a passion of his since learning hand and eye coordination.

Now onto my daughter’s gaming laptop…


The idea of making these came from her. This is how it usually goes…my daughter (age 12) comes up with the plans, our eldest son leads the designing and then our middle son adds in creative ideas during the process. My daughter actually made the computer mice you saw in the cover photo. After seeing hers they asked if she could make them one too.

This single layer laptop has the basic buttons you need for the game. She also included her siblings in the scene of this battle. Later on she also added a hack blocker antenna after seeing how secure my son’s computer was. Can you guess her favorite color is blue? 😁

She also is a designer at heart and it’s really neat seeing them share ideas and motivating one another to get more creative.


My 9 year old son didn’t want me to share this as he felt his wasn’t complicated enough or not as fancy as his siblings. I always encourage my children to do their best on their own level. I try not to compare them to one another because they all learn at different paces and each have their own passions and developing skills.

I specifically encourage him to do the things that he enjoys and not to feel he has to keep up with his older siblings or even like the things they like.

I like that he incorporated his favorite toy which is the lightsaber. He just got a set of these for his birthday this year so it was fitting for him to do a battle with these. I am proud of him for choosing something he enjoyed to display.

Even though I used to play shooting games growing up I never have been all the way comfortable with my kids playing them 🫤. I know they enjoy their time in the game with their dad (who is also a game head 🤪) and Fortnite is not a gruesome game with blood gushing out of people. I also understand why it’s the choice for kids when it comes to war games because you can call it kid friendly (yet still I’m not a huge fan of the idea). It’s funny how my thoughts have changed since becoming a mother.

My kids laughed at me when they saw the look on my face when entering that room. I’m glad they took my advice to start creating and using their hands to make fun activities (this isn’t the first time). I don’t want them to depend on the television for their only source of entertainment and keeping it off during the day and encouraging them to find other ways has really worked for us.

I thought these were so neat and wanted to share them here with you all. I hope you enjoyed. ☺️


All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

Thank You ~


Hello, @crosheille

Everything in excess is bad, I'm glad that there are times and days in the home for TV and technological games. I think it's great that your children sought solution to entertain themselves and imagination represent the thought of what he likes, but that also build and share is an excellent idea.

Yes, we have to limit quite a few things in order for it not to become excessive and bad for us. Thanks so much for reading and adding your input ~

This is really nice because I believe is a way of developing the act of being creative which they are showing at this age and there will be progress on the art as they keep on growing with different mindset of creativity.

I definitely agree. Thanks @emeka4 :)

Unfortunately, the abusive use of technology has caused this loss of creativity in children.

I am very happy to know that you have implemented rules in order to motivate them to create.

I hope they can have a lot of fun with their new toys. Best regards.

Sadly so. We are trying to keep that creativity alive in our children. It's sad when I see that kids don't even want to go outside and play anymore because they'd rather be on their technical devices :(

Thank you, it’s a must in our household. Going out and getting fresh air is also a must do.

They are really enjoying their new creations. Thanks so much for your comment ~

We noticed the anticipation of getting on the game was interfering with their focus in school so we decided to limit their game play to weekends only.

Same here, I always limit my son's gadget time. By the way, I love the handiworks.

That's good you do that. I think it would be good for every parent to practice these limitations.

Thanks so much!

You're welcome, have a nice day ahead.

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So sweet! I love this cool apple on the macbook, and all those HACK keys. 😀😀

Thanks so much! My daughter was happy to make her MacBook with the Apple. 😄

Of course! MacBook without an apple isnt MacBook 😁😁😁

Oh my world 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 this is amazing. I couldn't help but laugh and be impressed at the same time watching the space, esc and these creative works from these creative minds. This is a take home for me...to not always allow her stay on her tab for too long but allow her to get creative. Sometimes I don't want her to tear things apart and all, I guess I just have to let her creative juices flow and see what she can come up with.

Your kids are amazing and this is creativity at work. I am glad they are observant enough to put into practice the things they are learning and seeing. This is impressive. I am proud on your behalf 😍😍😍

I did the same. I chuckled so much while watching them play their new re-created Fortnite game. 😅

I was the same way at first. I didn’t like messes and tried to organize “clean” activities for them with minimum cleanup. As they got older I realized it was good practice letting them get their hands and my house dirty. It seems when I allow them to really dig in and go where their imagination takes them, they have the best learning experiences.

Keep a few pieces of cardboard and newspapers around that you don’t mind being torn up and watch her work. 😄

Thanks so much for your comment and feedback, it’s much appreciated ~

Thank you so much and I will put this to use. I will get her some cardboards since she loves to paint as well. I am glad you are blessed with talented wonder kids. What they did is remarkable. My warm regards to them.

Awesome! I’m sure she’ll have a great time with what you decide to provide her with.

Thanks again :)

I look forward to it too. Thank you, ma.

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