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Hey, guys and all Hivian unschooling parents, who teach their kids English.

I share with you my new English game that I've created for my son.
I always try to create games for him when I plan to teach him something new. It makes info funny, easy and interesting, and thus a kids gets it without hard efforts.

Our new English lesson touched clothes, and I decided to create a paper doll which we would dress and undress:]
I remember such paper dolls in my childhood, but then we just played with them, without English studying, but why not to combine it, right?☺️

At first I created a doll itself,

and my son helped me with creation of clother collection for him, our doll was a boy:]


It was new and interesting for him to create ideas of his fashion collection😜
Then he cut all models, and it was a nice motor skill exercise like all cutting activitilies.


Then we began to play

I wrote him new words with names of clothes


  • some phrases like
    I PUT ON MY and a name of cloth

Then we had another level of complexity - we added colors to our clothes
We've learned them already, so it was a nice training for combining previous learned words + new ones

I put on my yellow T-shirt.
Put off your blue cap and put on your red cap etc.

My son remembered all names very fast because he pronounced them after me + he took the definite paper cloth in his hands , and this speech + motor skills combination always works fine🌟





In total for about 15 min game he remembered about 15 new words + some phrases with them, and it's a super result🌟🌟🌟

We had really a cool game, and my son was inspired by it very much, and for now he doesn't think English is boring, and it means we've the right way😉


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I remember playing with these too! How clever to make it into a language learning game as well.

Just a tip to help with the English, because it's slightly different for taking clothes :


So a phrase would be something like "Take off your shoes and hat."

I hope that makes sense.

@tipu curate

Ack, you beat me to it! Then again, I was also going to add some other words, such as jeans (джинсы), jumper (свитер), boots (ботинки), and a maybe a few others. There's also the matter of е/ё when it comes to pronunciation ("шёрт" sounds more like "short" than "shirt"), but then I'd be like the crab telling her children to stop walking sideways, because I have this nasty tendency to pronounce "thirty" as "thёrty" whenever I speak with a thicker-than-normal accent.

these Russian letters are my first experiment, I try to understand how it works for my son. When I was studying English, it helped me very much, though now many teachers are against it because sounds are different in Russian and English. There are pros and cons of this method, so I try to have my own experience, how it will work for my boy.

I didn't realise that's what you were doing with the Russian letters. It would be interesting to hear the pros and cons of that. It seems like a good idea from my perspective.

hahaha, you're right!😃 Only now I checked it. I just was sure "put off" was ok because I heard it many times early, and it's so logical "put on and put off clothes":) now I must check all words carefully after such a fail:))THANK YOU!🌟

It should make sense, but the oddities of the English language actually give "put off" an entirely different meaning. 😅 In some ways English can be easy, in that foreign speakers can still be understood if they get it wrong and word order isn't too specific, but in other ways it can get so confusing!

Ahh I remember those! And also making some with all the kids, and also the ones that are joined up in a chain "holding hands" XD

Great idea with combining it with an English lesson, wish I'd thought of that to teach my kids other languages.

thank you!!❤️
such a paper dolls chain will be a nice decoration for a room or New Year's tree:)

This makes me remember my childhood days when I use to play with this kind of paper doll toys, ah, those were the days.

yeah...careless childhood;)

What a nice strategy that children like so much. At home my girl is always creating characters like this to dress them up and give them different looks.

maybe she will be a designer?:)🌟

Hola amiga @taliakerch 👋

Que divertido juego has realizado junto a tu hijo, imagino que se divirtieron mucho creando las distintas prendas para el muñeco je je.

Me parece genial que tú hijo siga encaminado aprender el idioma ingles.

Saludos 🤗