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How to explain kids such a complicated concept as Volume? Of course, using practice, experiments and everyday life!

At first I showed my son that Volume is written anywhere on the bottles at home:

plant oil

hydrogen peroxide

soy sauce, another plant oil bottle

and even his favourite plant milk;)

He was already impressed and was eager to know what Volume was.

Then we took a watering can, and I put my hand inside - and this very space inside is called Volume - he got it at once!

Then we took 1 liter jar and discovered how many jars would fit this can

So....yeah, the volume is 3 liters!
he got it super fast as well!

then I took a syringe volume 1 ml and it was our minimal measurement to discover what is a milliliter, and how we can go to a liter with the help of it.

We took a small fish-cup, and my son was discovering how many syringes would fit inside

5 syringes = 5 ml

Very easy and clear✨
Then you can take a bigger cup to show that 10 cups of 5 ml volume create 50 ml cup and so on....

10 cups of 50 ml = 500 ml
and thus we come to a liter!

To understand it better we read a perfect book tells kids about volumes with the help of a funny story about animals who measure volume of a big plate.

My son got all new info very fast, and I was glad he liked this new topic!

In the end we wrote main concepts and measurement of volumes to remember them better:


The topic was very simple and clear and I can see why your son was able to grasp the idea so easily. I also taught my daughter about measurements in the kitchen, while we were baking cookies.

Teaching complex topics using anything amd everything we can find at home tend to be a lot more effective for our young ones.

maybe it's simple for you, but in my childhood volume and area were not simple for me. Maybe because at school teachers didn't use so visual methods to let me get it;)

and yes, you're right, everyday things are the best to understand complex topics from different sciences

This is the right time to implant,what do you want.It is a healthy task to understand them easily.

Keep going mam and stay blessed.

thank you!!

Well done. Now let's cover area. 😁😁 !LOLZ

it's more complicated I think;)) but I have an idea to use Lego for it;)
what did you use?:)

Rulers but Lego's are pretty clever. I think he would have gotten more joy out of that. Maybe I'll redo it it using Lego's. I'll wait to see your post before doing so. 😁😁

You have a smart son. Others can't do it as fast as he can. Congratulations mommy and son. ☺️

actually he can get many topics faster than me in his age;))

Wow, that's impressive.