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Do you know how to make a bridge of paper? Now my son knows it!
He didn't believe it was possible until...he didn't try one secret;)

So to make this experiment we need:

  • 2 glasses or some books
  • a sheet of paper
  • something that will try to cross your bridge;)

The start of the experiment is creating this very paper bridge - like this:

of course, it will be a bad bridge, and it won't work at all. It's just a sheet of paper, and it's too light, any kid will understand it.

But if we make just some moves this very light sheet of paper will become a real bridge!
We need just to make some folds in it, and it will be a working bridge!

My son tried to put some of his toys there, and the bridge worked fine;)

and even a heavy glass shot was standing there fine!

The secret is in stiffening ribs that transform a light sheet of paper in a hard bridge.The structure became more durable, there was a redistribution of the load.

here we see the same

I like such experiments because it's a nice way to explain kids complex concept, what they mean, and how they work.


Vary well done, short and simple. Love it! !invest_vote

thank you!

You are indeed welcome!

forgot the !invest_vote LOL, anyway

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@anli denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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This is awesome and smart. ☺️
Your son seems learning a lot every day.☺️
Another great experiment has done. Congrats. ☺️

yeah I really truy to make smth new every day

Another experiment! A great one to learn early physics to the kids. 💙
I guess with this experiment kids get to learn about strenght and resistance?

and about them too, yeah;)
did you try your experiment set already?

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