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Time for new experiments, guys! Welcome to our home laboratory:))🎆

Today it's time for my son to see some nice processes connected with...balloons! yeah, one of the most favourite kids toys can be nice items to get new knowledge about the world.

Let's go!

Experiment 1.

We need:

  • 2 ballons
  • some water

We inflate one balloon, and the second balloon should be filled with some water.

Now we try to heat them with fire from the lighter.

the first one is the balloon with air - only 1-2 sec and BOOM🎇 - it bursts very fast

the seconf one is the water balloon - and we were tired to wait for the BOOM but it didn't happen! Of course it would burst sooner or later but we were waiting for 20 sec or more and nothing.

It's enough to see that water cools down the balloon and thus its heating is much slower, so it can live longer above the fire.

Air is heating up VERY fast, that's why BOOM happens immediately.

It's a nice way for kids to uhnderstand difference between water and air and their relationships with fire.🎆

Experiment 2.

We need:

  • a wooden stick
  • 2 ballons

This experiment iks more like a trick.

A kid can place a bet with his friends to win some glory or even some sweets;)

Who can pierce a balloon with a stick and to keep it without damage?
Of course, it seems impossible because all ballons are afraid of pointed items.

BUT there is one secret...🎆

So the first step - we try to pierce a ballon somewhere in a random place (to one of its side) - BOOM will happen at once.

NO balloon any more

BUT if we pierce it to its "ass" (as we call it😅) - to the darkest place in its middle, where the latex is thicker - then there will be NO BOOM.

Moreover, you can demonstrate that a balloon feels fine even with a stick INSIDE

WOW - my son says, and we both like the result😊


Another engaging experiment. ☺️
Anyway, the balloons are all colorful and attractive.☺️
Good job both of you. ☺️

thank you, we like them too:)

You're welcome. ☺️

You keep amazing me with your astonishing idea of experiment. Thanks for sharing


Interesting proposals for experiment at home.

Greetings and blessings

thank you, try them!:)

Congratulations your publication has been chosen among the best of the day.



Popping balloons always scared me. I don't think I could ever have done these experiments with my girls. 😅

I am afraid of this BOOM very much!! even when I am blowing a ballon, I always think - please, NO boom now in my face;)))

Oh gosh, that too! I'm always worried about over inflating balloons when I blow them up and they go BANG!!

my hell😅😅

Super awesome I didn't know that trick and it's a great way to play and learn. Thanks for sharing

you're welcome, show it to kids, they like it;)

Greetings @taliakerch, the lab at home is growing and your little scientist expanding his knowledge, this kind of activities are very attractive for children awakens their curiosity and creativity.


it's very interesting even for me:))

UUUUAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!! "the darkest place in its middle" So lovely experiments! Congratulations for this neat posting, I loved it! !invest_vote

Found thanks to https://ecency.com/category/@homeedders/home-education-curation-collection-12th-february-2023

:)))) "the darkest place in its middle"
what's wrong?? how to call that very place?:))😅

Haha, nothing is wrong here. I liked that phrase in the context of bum. There are so many words for dark central places. LOL And we certainly share a second, third or whatever number language here. Sounds funny when I read it. =8-D

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@anli denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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