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🎆It's time for new experiments, guys! You're welcome!
Do you know hoe to save paper DRY under WATER?

It can be a nice trick for your friends company!
Let them guess, and then be a magician who will show how to make it✨

So we need:

  • a sheet of paper
  • a big bowl
  • a cup
  • some water to cover the cup

The 1st step.
We just make a paper ball and put it inside our cup.
So the size of the cup and paper should fit each other well.
If not - just use some plasticine to stick paper to the bottom.

The second step.

Fill your bowl with water
Then you must turn the cup upside down (the paper should be on the bottom).

The third step.

The most important!
You should put the cup down to the bowl bottom
BUT you should hold the cup strictly perpendicular to the water. And move your hand with middle speed - not very slow. Till the very bottom.

Hold the cup! Don't take the hand away!

At this moment you can ask the audience - what is with this paper that is UNDER the water now?
paper under the water SHOULD be wet by all means - it's a guess of the most people

The final step

Just put the cup out of water and show absolutely DRY paper!
So your paper is really WATERPROOF🎆


Air occupies certain volume of space anywhere. There is air in the glass. When you turn a glass upside down and lower it slowly into water, air remains in the glass. Water cannot get into the glass because of the air. The pressure of the air is greater than the pressure of the water trying to get inside the glass. The towel at the bottom of the glass stays dry.


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Amazing! 👏👏
Another fun and engaging activity. I haven't learned this before. Haha

me too;))

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