DIY Playdough | Easy, Cheap & Safe for small children

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I think most children love playing with playdough. And I bet most parents first introduce playdough to them by buying the expensive Play-Doh in the store. They come in very small boxes and if you want to have enough dough to play with, you need to have quite a few. You could buy a very expensive set (they come in many sizes and colors) but you could also choose to make it yourself. I personally didn't think of this for quite some time, until I accidentally bumped on a blog where they shared a recipe to make your own playdough. The fun part is that you can make them in any color you desire, and the even better part is that it's safe for small children as well. We all know that children like to stick everything in their mouth when they're still discovering the world, and it can happen that they want to taste the dough as well. This recipe is completely safe, it probably won't taste nice, but at least there aren't any chemicals in it either.

The ingredients

You can find many different recipes online, I always go for the simple recipe without cream of tartar. The reason I don't add this is simply that the dough is already soft, and I couldn't find it the first them when I tried making the dough myself. As it turned out great without it, why add it later? For this recipe, you only need a few ingredients which you most likely already have at home.

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For each color playdough I use:

  • 1 cup of Plain flour
  • 1/2 a cup of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (you can use any vegetable oil)
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • 1 cup of warm water

You will also need:

  • A bowl to mix the ingredients
  • A spoon
  • An air tight container for storage

Let's get started!

Although things can get a bit messy, making the playdough doesn't take much time and it's super cheap compared to the original in the stores, so if at some point it dries out, you just make a new badge within 15 minutes time.

DIY Playdough (14).jpg

First, add the flour, salt, and baking soda to a bowl and mix it.

DIY Playdough (15).jpg

Now add the coconut oil to the mix. If the oil isn't fluid yet, you can mix it with your hands to it warms up.

DIY Playdough (1).jpg

Add some drops of food coloring to the water. You will need quite a bit if you want to have bright colors of playdough. The first time I made it, the colors weren't very bright, so now I add more coloring. It depends on your preference of course.

DIY Playdough (2).jpg

Add the colored water to the mix.

DIY Playdough (3).jpg

Now start mixing. I use a fork as the mix is quite firm and sticky at first so a fork is easier to handle.

DIY Playdough (4).jpg

Repeat with other colors and you will have enough playdough for a while.

Glitter playdough

I don't like using glitters mostly, as often I keep finding these things months after I used them. This means that I had quite some colors of glitter in the house that were still unused. I decided to add some glitter to a batch of dough this time to see if that turns out nicely.

DIY Playdough (7).jpg

Add glitters to the first step where you mix the dry ingredients together.

DIY Playdough (6).jpg

Now add the coconut oil to the bowl as well.

DIY Playdough (8).jpg

Now add the colored water to the bowl and start mixing. And yes, this will get messy!

DIY Playdough (9).jpg

This is the glitter dough. It didn't turn out as flashy as I expected, but the lady likes it so at least the mess had a purpose.

DIY Playdough (11).jpg

Time to play! Have fun!


Yes! This homemade playdough is a wallet-saver! I've never tried that glitter playdough though. My girl loves glitters - we can give this a try next time! <3

Defo a wallet-saver as the original is so expensive! The glitters were an experiment here as well but I rather put them in the playdough than on artworks as it's so hard to avoid that the whole room is glittery :) lol Have fun <3

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Thanks for the recipe! I wanted to make home playdough for ages but here I am today with no homemade playdough! :p time flies so fast....dont you think?
I will try your recipe soon, thats a big YES! For sure I will! My baby boy loves to play with it and plus, we have some new stamps so he would be very very happy to try them with playdough.

Welcome! I'm glad I could help :) Time does fly so fast indeed, before we know it they are teenagers.. don't want to think about that yet though lol :)
This recipe is one of the easiest out there, and it works for me... if you prefer adding other ingredients you could try these the next time and see what you prefer.. Have fun!


Thank you!

Oh, this is great. My son loves dough. With that being said, I will surely try to recreate this one out. Thank you for sharing.

You're welcome! You will find out it's super easy and probably never buy another box of play-doh again :)

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