Hive Survival Guide Sixth Edition!

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Welcome to the Hive blockchain!

As you may have noticed there are a lot of things that you will need to figure out in order to start using the blockchain so with that in mind I have put this Hive Survival Guide together to possibly help those trying to navigate how to do so.

It is worth noting that I will be updating this Survival Guide with the release of newer versions as I find new things that might be helpful and the platform continues to develop.

If you think that something should be included in this guide please leave a link to it in the comments of this post so that I can review it for addition in the next version.

If you want a good news feed for the Hive blockchain then I highly suggest subscribing to the Chain News Badge here:

If you need a history lesson on why there is a Hive blockchain then the following article provides a good summation of events:

If you already have a Steem blockchain account and just want a quick crash course on how to login into Hive with your Steem credentials then read this:
I Have A Steemit Account: How Do I Switch to Hive?

A simple beginners guide for Hive can be found here:

If you are an absolute beginner then I recommend reading over the following guide so that you can gain some general understanding about the Hive blockchain:

There is also some really good information about Hive in the following two articles:

Hive Beginners Tips is a Community dedicated to helping new users:

Beginner's Guide 11 Fatal Hive Mistakes To Avoid:

I recommend keeping an eye on the Unofficial Hive Beginners FAQ as it gets updated with information. It is still a work in progress but looks promising.

A nice article about the use of Tags on Hive can be found here:

19 Ultimate Hive Tips For Brand New Users:

Hive Video Tutorials:

Lesson 1 - Creating an Account & Signing in
Lesson 2 - Participating Successfully
Lesson 3 - Money Matters
Lesson 4 - Useful Tools & Features



Accounts, Sign In Options & Interfaces:

Personally I highly recommend using the interface and logging in via one of the following methods:

Another good login and account creation option is eSteem for Mobile or Desktop:

For more on Esteem read the Esteem FAQ 3.0

The official Hive sites are and

Official Hive account creation portal with a list of ways to create an account:

Create a Hive account via Blocktrades:

Create a Hive account with Hiveonboard:

Invite people to join Hive:

General Hive tips for PeakD:

PeakD Community on Hive:

PeakD launch information:

Download and installation instructions for the Hive Keychain from Github:

How to use Hivesigner (Hive version of SteemConnect)

Tutorial: Working with Hive Keychain and Steem Keychain.

How to use the Steem Keychain with Hive by changing the api endpoint:

How to view and change your Recovery Account:

Hive Account Recovery:

Hive Account Recovery GUI:

Trading/Managing HIVE, HBD & Tokens:

You can now give HIVE and HBD Tips via PeakD:

Hive wallets for multiple platforms can be found here:

Trade HIVE and HBD on the internal market:

Buy HIVE on BlockTrades:

How to buy and sell HIVE on the Ionomy exchange:

Tutorial: How to transfer HIVE to Bittrex | 将HIVE转移到Bittrex换:

Tutorial: How to Remove & Make HivePower (HP) Delegations

Hive-Engine is Steem-Engine for Hive but with more features:

Convert EM and ENG to BEE or WORKER BEE tokens:

Witness Related:

PeakD Witness page:

Official Hive.Blog Witness page:

Detailed Witness information:

MTW Toolbox Witness information and tools:

Hive Tools:

I Love PeakD is a Chrome (Brave) web extension for those who love PeakD. This extension redirects various frontend articles to the

I Love PeakD on Github:

Esteem Search is a search engine for Hive:

BeeMe is a Hive clone of SteemWorld:

HiveDesktop is a desktop application for the Hive blockchain:

HiveDesktop installers for Linux, OSX and Windows on Github:

HiveBuzz is SteemitBoard for Hive:


Hive-Converter is for switching between blockchain sites:

SteemRSS is now HiveRSS and how to use it:

HIVE Ticker Extension for GNOME desktop environment:

Hive-Now is a site for retrieving information and stats for a Hive account:

HiveStats track and manage a Hive account:

HE Explorer is a Hive-Engine blockexplorer:

HE Explorer on Github:

Hive.Vote is Steemauto for Hive:

Tagbot is an upvote bot:

Hiveblocks is a Hive blockexplorer:

Hive-db is a Hive blockexplorer:

HIVE WHAT is a Hive blockchain Search & Directory:

Hive2csv makes it possible to download Hive blockchain data in .CSV format:

Engage is a Hive Community management tool:

Jarvis is an automatization tool:

HiveURL is a URL link shortener for Hive and includes analytics:

dBuzz is a microblogging service for Hive:

Anon Ramblings is a site to post anonymously to Hive:

Hive Message for sending messages on Hive:

Hive Images:

Official Hive brand assets (images) can be found here:

Hive Image Kit:

Hive Wallpapers for Desktop:

Developer Resources:

Hive developer portal:

HiveDevs Community

Hive Source Code on Github:

A list of current Hive projects can be found here:

A public repo containg lots of Hive projects:

Hive Developer Portal Quickstart:

Hive Developer Portal Resources:

Hive dApps directory:

Hivejs Tutorial: Introduction for beginners:

Hive Javascript libraries:

HIVE compatible Steemfeed-JS:

Beem is a python library for Hive that also includes the CLI tool beempy:

Beem documentation page that also includes tutorials:

Hivesigner Python Client:

Hive Witness Essentials on Github:

Lighthive is a light python client to interact with the Hive blockchain:

Hiveengine a python library for Hive-Engine:

Hive-ruby is a Ruby API for the Hive blockchain:

Hive-Ruby setup guide:

Go-Hive is a Hive library for Go:

Hivescript is a script/json to keep app URL structure of all Hive apps:

SuperHive is a PHP blog engine for embedding Hive posts on a website:

Gatsby is a static site generator for React:

Hive Message Server on Github:

Hive Message Client on Github:

Hive Games & Gaming:

Gamers Badge 0n PeakD where you can subscribe to a gaming feed of Badge holders:

EXODE Hive Game:


EXODE Getting Started Guide:

Rising Star Hive Game:

Rising Star Tutorial:

Dcity Hive Game:

Dcity Information:

Qlabs Hive Game:

Qlabs Hive Blog:

BROcity Hive Game:

BROcity Hive Blog:

Battle Games Hive Frontend:

Battle Games Hive Blog:

Angry Warlord Hive Game:

Dominuus domination Hive game:

Helpful Discord Channels:

The Official Hive Discord server can be found here:

The Official PeakD Discord server can be found here:

The Discord link for Palnet that never expires can be found here:

The Beem developer Discord channel can be found here:


That is all for now!


Please keep in mind that the Hive blockchain and all its associated projects are new and there will undoubtedly be things to fix and stuff that does not work correctly as well as new features and new projects being developed. Give it time and please be patient with those developing the blockchain and the applications that run on it!



Cheers and Happy Hiving!

Previous Survival Guide Versions:

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Thanks again - this is a great resource.

I'm planning to do a webpage about Hive on my site - would you be OK with me copying part of your guide for the reference section? (I'd link it back to your Hive account so that people could follow you for the latest versions)

Go for it!

Many thanks

Many welcomes!

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@traciyork see this post !

Thanks, @stellabelle! Curated & bookmarked. Excellent resource, @jacobpeacock - thanks for putting it together!

Thanks and you are welcome @traciyork.

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