Making Hive logo magnets Part 1

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I found some Hive stickers online and had an idea, it would be great to bring along a hive magnet for photo and video opportunities. That way I do not waste a sticker or place them in places unwanted. The magnet is temporary and easy to move around. I can attach them to metal furniture, signs, doors, walls or anything else a magnet could be attached to. And then removed without any problems. Also good if making blogs, having a magnet in the background. You could even attach the logo to a stick and hold it it front of something.. Just let your imagination run wild. When something is removable it can be used time and time again.

I make sure of some old fridge magnets, They already have a nice flat surface for me to glue with. Using an old notepad backing I place the stickers on the cardboard. Being careful not to leave air bubbles I smooth the sticker along the cardboard carefully. And then slowly work around with scissors to cut out the excess. Leaving just enough cardboard not to cut the actual sticker. Glad the shape of the Hive logo is easy to follow and as long as i focused it was pretty easy work.

I make a few of them, so I can keep them in common places I do videos. And so I have a few to bring along with me when I do traveling for blogging. Using them in a few videos already, like when I cook things I have the magnet in the background of many videos.

I bought the stickers from Redbubble, they delivered them in an art covered envelope. I also got an extra sticker from them for free. I have bought a few things from them, all great quality for showing off the Hive blockchain. I got a hat, beanie, a few tshirts and a face cover all Hive themed.

In part 2 I will glue the stickers that I attached to cardboard. Using a hot glue gun I place a bead on the back of the cardboard. And work around the edges to make sure the cardboard does not bend when im handling the magnet.

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