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Today while at the homestead, I was working on adjusting the solar panels to increase their output.

I had to redo all the wood framing for them, so I started by tearing the old stuff apart. I was only working for about a half an hour when I messed up....BIG TIME!

*Each spot is a puncture hole from a nail.

The nails were all in the same board, and I wasn't paying attention when I jumped from a log to the ground...and ended up with those nails(and the board) stuck in my foot.

After a couple of goods pulls,I was able to tug the nails(and board) out of the bottom of my foot.😁 And what was I left with?....


Two really deep holes and two that weren't so bad. But the sum of all them made it nearly impossible to even walk, let alone work efficiently. I did manage to finish up the project with adjusting the solar panels but I called it a day after that.

So with the injury I am finished working for the weekend and will start again tomorrow probably, as I believe my foot will be more usable by then.


For the support and love that is shown to us on a regular basis. We truly appreciate it and it really helps us keep going. 🤗🤗🤗

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Be extra careful my friend, hope it won't be that serious. You should go to a doctor. We never know if there's no tetanus of that nails.

It's been two days and i went back to working carrying buckets of concrete. It was sore, but i managed to make it through the day. I've been soaking it in steeped Wild Ginger water to keep infection away. I think it will be better in less then a week brother. How are you doing down there? Have you been able to make it home? And if not, have you at least heard from your family?

I still haven't gone home but I'm fine. Sadness will fade sometimes so I can manage it.

Really ginger? In our country we used different but it's impossible into your country because I think you don't have coconut tree.
.Make sure to check with a doctor my friend because you tetanus is traitor. You will never know but still I'm hoping you'll be fine..

Take care my friend and to your family.

Oof! That's no fun. Halfway surprised I didn't do the same myself while I built our chicken coop from salvaged pallets. I know that feeling bro, hope you heal up. It'll be tender for a good while!

It's been a couple days and I've been soaking it regularly with steeped Wild Ginger. I was able to work today carrying buckets of concrete. It was sore at the end of the day,but i made it.
...but you are right, it's going to be tender for a while,as i stabbed the muscle to. And I'm finding out it likes to try to give me a toe curling Charlie horses at night when i try to sleep.😁

Might be tetanus setting on, but I don't have experience with such things. I know I don't have to warn you about it though lol

Glad you're able to get around on it! Not that you have much choice in the matter 😉

Good that you didn't had an injury more than that but I know its painful so better be extra careful next time. God bless you and your family always...

haven't seen you for a while, are you and the whole family okay?

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