[House building diary] Burying sewer pipes

in homesteading •  6 days ago 

Another mega project and another personal record. I apparently do not have a different way :)


This time I needed to lay sewer pipes from the house to the border of the site.


I dug the 100 meters trench for an electric cable for half a year, then dug 20 meters trench for a water supply for a week, now I dug 30 meters for sewage in 4 hours :) And another 5 hours it took to lay pipes.


I worked as usual, alone, without the involvement of technology. As tools - a shovel and 2 such devices


I soaped the edges of the pipes with liquid soap to make it easier to join them


And the board was used to insert these pipes into each other with a light kick.


As I said, after 5 hours, the work was finished. The pipes are laid in the ground and buried.


I didn't have the strength to level it out carefully. I'll make it later.


That's all for today.

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