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Of course mammon (which is the love of this world) is an unforgiving god so I will cast it away, but financialy speaking markets all over the world have lost money. In the U.S.A the stock market has already lost about 3.6 trillion dollars Stock market Friday recap: Dow loses 3,500 points on week, closes off lows, Fed pledges support I do not put my trust in the things that this world has to offer me. Instead of completely depending on what good and services that I can buy, I try to ask myself what has GOD provided in nature that can solve the problem that I am having. For example a person could only depend on there ability to buy a bar of soap at the store (and right now I proably buy most if not all of my soap from the store) But as a backup I bought some soapwort seeds

I think that I bought my seeds from Everwilde Farms (Online)

I guess the easy way to think of it is that GOD has suplied things in nature and while I think that it is ok to buy store bought goods, I do not want to be in a position where I am forced to rely on the store, because as I have said mammon is an unforgiving I cast it away!

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Soap nuts are a great idea too! I currently make my own laundry soap, but have been wanting to try the soap nuts to save some time.

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I kind of looked into soap nuts, but the downside (in my mind, maby not in other peoples mind) is #1 they could be hard to collect, and I am not certain how long it would take the tree to start producing and that is a problem when someone wants to adopt a 'localvore type' mentality (I know soapnuts are not food) And I am not one of thoes people that screams that the earth is getting a fever...its just that I have a reduced amount of faith in everything working correctly and I would like to try to have localy sourced items.