The Foster Farmer Build

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Thanks for joining me today as I start my latest knife build. I call it The Foster Farmer Knife Build.

I was contacted today from a friend that we met while living in Wisconsin. She is a farm owning dog trainer that has recently adopted a couple of kids!

She asked if I could make a good multi purpose knife that she can carry with her. Something that can easily be seen, and something that would be great even for hunting.

The requests are way more than fair, and left alot of room for the art of it. We have landed on a clip point blade, green micarta scales and black G10 liners. It should have a clean look, be functional, and very practical.

Sometimes with a knife like this I can get carried away, and I end up with a huge knife. This one is going to be custom for her hand. So the blade is about 4 1/2" and the handle is just under 4". This should give it a front heavy feel, and it should fit her grip without having alot of extra sticking out of the back.

I love make custom knives, especially if they have a purpose and meaning....but I also really enjoy making videos haha. I love playing with the editing, the speed, the sounds, and all around making an informative video that is fun!

I hope you enjoy this build, and stay tuned for what's next!

Be well
~The Yeti

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It sounds like another good build is on the way. She wants an "awesome knife?" Well, she's got the right guy building it! Gotta love a lady who wants a cool knife! I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

Aww thanks man! I5bis coming together pretty sweet