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East lilacs crop May 2020.jpg

The East lilacs are in full bloom and the yard smells heavenly! My husband kept an eye on them and when the scent appeared he brought me this:

Lilac from David crop May 2020.jpg

He usually finds the best lilac bloom and a handful of lily of the valley to give me on our anniversary. They were the flowers in my bouquet and hair when we married. This year they hadn’t bloomed due to cold weather, so I got this a few days later. My office is nicely scented right now.

Small garden  garlic crop May 2020.jpg

In the Small garden the garlic is doing very well. It probably could stand to be weeded.

Big garden  comfrey buds crop May 2020.jpg

In the Big garden the comfrey is making flowerbuds.

May is the very best time here on the farm. The flowers are out and the grass is new-green and the trees leafing out.

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Love those lilacs. You must have been a sight with those flowers in your hair on your wedding day. Glad to see everything panning out especially now that the weather is getting better. Keep us posted please.

Flowers in hair:

dp_wed2.crop May.87.jpg


Wedding P  D crop 1987.jpg

Never had formal wedding photos, just what people took that day, so quality isn't great....

It is true what they say a woman is the most beautiful on her wedding day. And the flowers are just perfect. There's no hiding the happiness the man beside you feels. I just love weddings! Thanks for sharing these.

I really like your photos

Thank you!