Farm Chores - July 25, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

in homesteading •  12 days ago 

Pasture pen  2nd round, 2nd move crop July 2020.jpg

Saturday morning we went out and moved the pasture pen north to the edge of the pasture.

Pasture pen   move overlap crop July 2020.jpg

We knew there would be an 18’ overlap from the previous position. It starts between the 2 trees and runs left.

Pasture pen  the supervisors crop July 2020.jpg

One cannot do a good job without PLENTY of supervision….

Front pasture crop July 2020.jpg

Front pasture

Last load of mulch crop July 2020.jpg

After that he insisted on getting the last load of mulch by himself and as I suspected, that was all he was able to do for the day.

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