Flowers - June 24, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

in homesteading •  15 days ago 

East Shed  7 Sisters rose crop June 2020.jpg

East Shed garden – 7 Sisters rose

This is just the start. There are hundreds of buds….

Damascus rose crop June 2020.jpg

The Damascus rose has easily 4X as many buds this year. I don’t know why it’s so happy growing in the middle of this lilac, but there it is…

4th Fence  phlox, daylilies, daisies crop June 2020.jpg

In the 4th Fence garden, my husband’s favorite phlox are flowering along with the daisies. The daylilies have buds.

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That is a stunning display of roses. I love the two trellis together like that, it really stands out.

It's going to get a lot better, now I can start watering again...

Beginning to look really beautiful. Can't wait.

The New Herb is planted, so soon it will fill out and be lovely. Flowerbeds are last on the list, as vegs and herbs take priority...

So pretty! I can't wait until we have a yard!

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