In the Big Garden - July 29, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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Big garden  Jerusalem artichokes flowering crop July 2020.jpg

In the Big garden the Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes) have started to flower. When we weeded this area, we left a small stand of them on the fence.

Big garden  1st pepper crop July 2020.jpg

There are a couple of first bell peppers now.

Big garden  5 melons crop July 2020.jpg

The melons have loved this heat and I have at least 10 on this single hill.

Big garden  tomatoes tied up crop July 2020.jpg

On Wednesday I got the tomatoes suckered and tied up, yet again. There are several that are turning red now.

Big garden  SE bulb area mulched crop July 2020.jpg

I managed to get one of the bulb areas mulched on Wednesday.

Big garden  peas need picking crop July 2020.jpg

When I went over to mulch the bulb area, I remembered I was supposed to harvest and process peas. They were almost too old.

Big garden  kabocha squash2 crop July 2020.jpg

The kabocha squash have lovely color and are doing well.

Sugar pod pea harvest on Weds crop July 2020.jpg

This is my biggest bowl with peas processed and being washed. I got 13 meals from this bowlful on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday I have to clean out the bedroom with all the plants in it. They will be moving to the cellar to the spare room, the only safe place I have. The lights will move with them, and the heat mat for the ginger.

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