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Bedroom Comparisons crop.jpg

On Monday we started upstairs as that would mean the most trips up and downstairs (2nd floor to cellar). Managed to roll up the heat mat and screen and get it to fit in the box it came in. Then took down the lights, put the bulbs back in their tubes and my husband took all that downstairs. Then I got the frame apart and packed up all the small bits: chains, hooks, ropes, shims, etc.

Bryde being ginger crop May 2020.jpg

Now when he gets to putting in the new windows before he sides the addition he will have some place to work. The ginger will stay where it is until mid June when it goes to the hoophouse in the New Herb garden. Someone will be happy about that, as she loves the heat coming off the heat mat.

Roundtop Comparisons crop.jpg

On the first floor in the dining room, I took down all these lights first. We discovered the sleeves for protecting the T12 bulbs had disappeared, so I had to do some creative packing.

I needed a place to put the house plants that were in the other window. These plants won’t stay here very long, as this window is moving to the new living room before siding is done. Now I can pull the shade on this window to keep the worst of the heat out during the day.

Dining Room Comparisons crop.jpg

Then I got all the lights and shelving out of this window. It too will move before siding, to the bright spot you can see looking through it. But before it does, I will put the screens in, as we have little air in the kitchen right now when it gets hot.

Cellar storage crop May 2020.jpg

This area of the cellar had become a catch-all and I had to clean it out before I could store anything here. My husband had disconnected all the lights when the plumbers were working here, and it took him a while to get them working again.

He brought me up another pallet so I could move the seed starting medium out of the garden storage room.

Lights and peat pots put away1 crop May 2020.jpg

He cut me some plywood to put on the pallet that was in the store room so I could store the new plant lights and part of the frames on it. The shelving went back into the upper right corner. I condensed the old peat pots into one box and managed to get all 3 boxes back in place.

There’s still 2 light frames in the bedroom, so not all were taken down. The 4’ one will come down in another week, when the plants all go to the cold frame to harden off. And as I said, the cat will have her warm spot with the ginger until mid June or whenever night temps hit 60F.

All the stairs workout wore the both of us out. I was also doing the week’s laundry so kept having to go upstairs to tend that. We sure were glad when these chores were finished!

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Manually curated by ackhoo from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

That's a lot of work there @goldenoakfarm, are you doing a total remodel of the home?
I envy you all the lights and inside spaces to grow stuff.

We are putting on a single floor addition, to age in place. I hope I have more room for seedlings!

Still envious. I live in a one bedroom apartment with a TERRIBLY small deck.
I spent a great deal of effort and no small amount of $ last winter to try
To keep my plants alive. I succeeded, but Now I'm considering giving
Away some of them; it is all getting to be too much at my age

Your amaryllis is gorgeous! Mine's alive but hasn't flowered in years....

The one that you see blooming, I got as a gift in 2007, it was a single bulb then, but has split, now there are three in that pot, and I've separated out some to give away.
It blooms every year.
Now I have three other smaller pots, with young bulbs that haven't bloomed yet. They were raised by one of my sisters from seeds that our mother and me hybridized.
I can't wait to see what they look like. My sister named them "Miss Margaret" (mama's name)

I really like the window frame by the dinner table. Great idea for whenever I remodel our home.

We liked it so much it's hopping across the addition to be in the new dining room!