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Wind chime repair crop April 2020.jpg
Repairing wind chimes

My helper friend was here on Tuesday. The plan was to repair the edges of the gardens. The soil was too wet from all the rain to work in the Big garden. But before we went out, he fed all the seedlings, inside and out. I sat down and repaired the collection of broken wind chimes while he did that.

Construction  temporary sump line crop July 2019.jpg
July 2019

Last summer, they’d moved the azalea and dug back 3’ along the foundation in the Old North garden for construction. I’d moved all the plants to the Big garden. Now it was time to put the edging back, before the grass invaded.

Old North  edging put back2 crop April 2020.jpg

We started on the north side of the house because there was still some sun there. We tackled the Old North garden first.

Old North  edging put back1 crop April 2020.jpg

We ran the edging down and then along the back steps. There’s lily of the valley around the cement block, so I ran edging down between it and the rest of the garden to contain it.

Old North  bloodroot buds crop April 2020.jpg
Bloodroot buds in the Old North garden

North Corner  dutchman's breeches crop April 2020.jpg
Dutchman’s breeches in the North Corner garden

The North Corner garden hadn’t been touched so we just filled in along the edging.

Construction  north side graded to garden crop August 2019.jpg

Last summer when the water line broke, they ended up digging up the New North garden to replace the line.

New North  edging put back crop April 2020.jpg

We reset almost all of the edging along the New North garden. By then I was pretty frozen as the sun had moved away.

Construction  South Herb garden2 crop July 2019.jpg

Last summer they tore up the west end of the South Herb garden building the septic system. So we moved there into the sun to work next.

South Herb  12 edging done crop April 2020.jpg

The grass had really grown into this garden so it took a while to get this half of it done. My helper had to leave, so we left it at that.

Construction  west side graded to garden crop August 2019.jpg

On the west side of the house, the West Herb garden took a beating also. I had hoped to get this repaired, but it will have to wait.

Construction  new walkway, porch area, gardens crop August 2019.jpg

Last summer it was right before Labor Day and I was prepping the butcher shop for Freezer Camp. The excavators were asked to set the sono tubes and make the walkways. But I was not consulted, didn’t know it was happening, and when I came back from the barn, I found destroyed gardens! The lower left 2 flagged posts are in the middle of my 1st Fence garden. I lost all the plants in that area.

Construction  seeded and mulched9 crop September 2019.jpg
The wrecked 1st Fence garden

South  hole filled and gravel crop April 2020.jpg

What I didn’t realize was that they not only wrecked the garden, they excavated it and filled it with gravel 18” down! I discovered this Tuesday afternoon when I went out to prep it for work on Wednesday. So I set about removing the gravel from this garden, 7 – 8 totes full of it. We put it on the walkway where it was needed.

1st Fence  garden repair1 crop April 2020.jpg

Five wheelbarrow loads of loam from my stock pile filled the hole.

1st Fence  garden repair2 crop April 2020.jpg

It will never be the same size as it was, but at least flowers can grow in what’s left. I won’t be putting the edging down for a while, as on Wednesday it will have dried enough to work in the Big garden and my intern is here. So that’s where the most important work needs to be done right now.

I also dumped a load of loam in the hole left from repairing the pipe to the septic.

As I said my intern will be here on Wednesday and we will be in the Big garden. I will try to get at least 1 more fence line section cleaned out. I might be able to finish it. She will work in the main garden, cleaning out the weeds in what will be the onion area.

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