The New Herb Garden in Midsummer, Part 1 - July 29, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

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New Herb  crop July 2020.jpg

The New Herb garden, Row 7 at bottom of photo, Row 1 at top

I took a bunch of photos of the New Herb garden on Wednesday. My mom had been asking about it, and I hadn’t gotten any new ones since it started flowering and filling out.

With 7 rows, there are a lot of plants, so I will do the post in 2 parts, and each part will still be really long!

New Herb  Row 1 crop July 2020.jpg

Row 1, bottom – top: marigolds, zucchini, balsam, butterflyweed, elecampane, astragulus, woad, love in a mist, snapdragons, wormwood

New Herb  Row 1, marigolds crop July 2020.jpg

Marigolds are used for pest control and for the chickens in the winter, dehydrated. It’s an attractant in the feed mix. I LOVE the smell of marigolds.

New Herb  Row 1, butterflyweed crop July 2020.jpg

Balsam in the lower left corner, butterflyweed center, elecampane behind it.

New Herb  Row 1, wormwood crop July 2020.jpg

Wormwood after I gave it a massive haircut. The cuttings were dehydrated for the chickens in winter. It helps prevent internal parasite loads. In front of it are snapdragons.

New Herb  Row 2 crop July 2020.jpg

Row 2, bottom – top: anise hyssop, chicory, parsley, soapwort/portulaca/heliotrope/mignonette, feverfew, Tulsi basil/mullein/blue flax/heartsease, borage, white foxglove/Tulsi basil, tansy

New Herb  Row 2, fairy and chicory crop July 2020.jpg

I grow the chicory because I love the color, and as a backup for coffee if it’s ever needed. This is my garden fairy my husband gave me many years ago. During freezing months, she usually lives in our living room.

New Herb  Row 2, chicory crop July 2020.jpg

New Herb  Row 2, blue flax crop July 2020.jpg

It’s very hard to capture the stunning blue of this blue flax. In the mornings it’s very beautiful. There is heartsease, aka Johnny Jump-ups, mixed in.

New Herb  Row 2, borage crop July 2020.jpg

I just realized that Row 2 is full of blue flowers! This is borage and they start out blue and turn a pleasing shade of pink as they get older. This is also dehydrated for the chickens, as a food supplement.

New Herb  Row 2, tansy crop July 2020.jpg

It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago, I hacked this tansy back really hard. I used some of it to dehydrate for the chickens. It also serves as a repellent for internal parasites. It stands well over 6’ high now and is just starting to flower.

New Herb  Row 3 crop July 2020.jpg

Row 3, bottom – top: L - Root Beer/Sunset hyssop, R – French tarragon, chamomile, catnip, sorrel/love in a mist, basil/spearmint, Canterbury Bells, Thai basil, snapdragons, red and lavender bee balm, rosemary

New Herb  Row 3, Root BeerSunset hyssop crop July 2020.jpg

I grew this intriguingly named hyssop, Root Beer or Sunset hyssop, because it’s supposed to smell like root beer, and the flower colors are like sunset.

New Herb  Row 3, catnip crop July 2020.jpg

The catnip is for the old cat.

New Herb  Row 3, Aroma basil crop July 2020.jpg

This basil variety, Aroma, is really nice. It does well here, with a raw milk treatment each week to keep the mildew away. It’s for culinary use and for feed supplement when dehydrated for the chickens.

New Herb  Row 3, spearmint crop July 2020.jpg

The basil shares a bed with the spearmint. The spearmint is grown in a sturdy deep pot to contain it.

New Herb  Row 3, 2 bee balm crop July 2020.jpg

I had an enormous stand of the lavender in this bed. Last year I gave away most of it, and received 3 plants of the red. One died but the other 2 have taken and are doing well. This is also dehydrated for the chickens in winter. It’s both for health and as an attractant due to color.

Part 2 will have Rows 4 – 7 and will be posted tomorrow.

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Oh my gosh, how long ago did you establish your herb garden? It is beautiful and looks like a lot of work! Quite interesting that you dehydrate quite a few of those plants for your chickens. Did you grow your marigolds from seed? I planted seed around June 10th and the plants took forever to sprout and something, maybe slugs or snails or a rabbit, ate my 3 tender plants that managed to sprout and grow. So i guess I need to start them in early spring? Maybe indoors?

I planted this garden from plain lawn in 2016.

I grow from seed, but only inside. Those were started in May.

Okay, thank you! And you have an amazing herb garden!

Thank you!

Buenísimo contar con el respaldo de @violetmed. Maravilloso que divulgue ese ancestral conocimiento de la floricultura. Por ahora tengo albahaca, que siempre uso para infusiones, salsas y aromas. aliriera
foto 21.jpg
Albahaca a la derecha de la imagen.