Why this steel will change your life!

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When it comes to the steel that I use for my crafts, i'm not really picky. I'm not really a metal snob....yet!

I got a special delivery today straight from my new favorite place, knifemaking.com. I ordered a piece of 1095 high carbon steel.

For years I have been using repurposed steel that I salvage, but lately I have been experimenting with buying the steel. I will always have a soft spot for old steel, but the ease of use on a new piece is priceless.

A lot of the knives that I have made are 1/4", big, bulky, and awesome. There is a place for every kind of knife, and I am going to branch out a bit.

This new piece is 3/16", so it should make for an easier to manage finished knife. I am hoping to move from mostly bushcraft style to a more every day carry style.

The reason I chose this title is because I think there is a real pleasure that comes from treating yourself to something nice. By "this steel" I mean a new piece.

Lastly, this steel comes already annealed! That means I will be able to skip a few steps and get right into creating!

I hope you all are enjoying these videos, and I will see you later in the shop!

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Be well
~The Yeti

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I have a mate who has started making knives, nothing like your work of course, just crude stuff. He is just starting out I guess. He used any old metal he can find. He uses old files a lot. I think his knives are more about the look rather than functionality and I wouldn't want to rely on one. He's going to pop an artery when he sees your down under knife.

pop an artery hahaha I hope so. Sometimes I get nervous about the finish and rust during the long travel. Since it isn't a high polish it is more vulnerable...I would hate for you to get it and it look like some prison shank haha

I'm sure it'll arrive looking fresh. Any rust will clean up anyway however it's unlikely I think considering you oiled it. Every day I come home and have a look on the counter which is where my wife would put the package if it arrives...Won't be long now I think. When my mate bursts an artery seeing it it's all good, I know first aid. Lol.