Let's Make Your Face Smile and Full of Love

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Welcome weekend. I hope you are in a pleasant atmosphere. like the atmosphere of a reggae song that always makes our hearts so excited.

Let's listen to the reggae song that I present to you this time. May you like it and be able to make your troubled heart happy and excited again.

Let's make your face smile. To make it look shining and full of love.

Everyone with that smiling face
People living in shining grace
Love and unity flood the place
In mount Zion I spend all my days
The children how happily they play
Rasta man so solemnly they pray
Doing all that Selassie I say
Children trust and obey
Cause Jah is love, and I've got love


Selamat menyambut akhir pekan. semoga Anda berada dalam suasana yang menyenangkan. seperti suasana lagu reggae yang selalu membuat hati kita menjadi begitu bersemangat.

Mari dengarkan lagu reggae yang saya hadirkan untuk Anda kali ini. Semoga Anda menyukainya dan mampu membuat hati Anda yang galau menjadi bahagia dan bersemangat kembali.

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I can feel it.
Nice video.

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