Mack Anthem Lego build initiated

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I'm not one to put off until tomorrow what can be done today, unless it is something stupid like making the bed - I mean why make it when I'm getting back in it that night? Doesn't make sense, said every guy ever.

Anyway, I decided to break out my new Lego build tonight, get it set up for some build sessions in the next few days. I was going to start it tonight to be honest but Faith gave me that look and I thought better of it; I've been away over the weekend and she probably missed me (bless her) and so I'll be spending some time with her instead of Lego. Who doesn't like a bit of making out on the couch though right? Lego can wait.

If you're interested you can see my last Lego build final post here, the Landrover Defender, however my focus has turned to the Mack Anthem, a 95cm long Lego Technic build and I thought getting stage one set up on my Lego building desk (otherwise known as my home office desk) would give me the chance to do a little here and there over my break at Christmas time.

The image below shows the three component bags of stage one emptied into their respective containers from which I'll select them as required. I had to relocate to this area as working at the dining table was giving me Lego fatigue in my arms and shoulders. This desk is pretty good though, the right height, plus the light is better in my home office as well...And I can avoid Faith getting mad at me for having Lego everywhere.

The Mack Anthem is a new generation prime mover designed by Mack around the specific needs of the modern truck driver and when they asked Lego to come up with their own version they jumped at the chance.

It's a big build and one that comes with loads of moving parts as one would expect from Lego Technic. This model is also cool in the way that it can be built into the Mack Anthem or a Mack dump truck - Two models in one. I'm going to build the Anthem though. Maybe I'll take it apart and build the other one later, but it's doubtful.

I'll be working on this model bit by bit over the next couple weeks as I'm off work. The weather will be hot here so I'll turn up the air conditioning, provide an endless supply of snacks and get to building little by little. You guys are welcome to make and deliver snacks to me also you know...Who knows, I may let you help with the build!

I hope you follow along as I get this one built. I'll post progressively updating on the build, any problems and complexities that come up and, of course, with the finished result. I may even do a video of me playing with it. 😂

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Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

Should be good...I'll not bombard people with it I guess though, don't want to turn my followers away. I'll certainly offer progress updates though.

Looking forward to the build progress 👍

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Me too...Not looking forward to Lego thumb, but I'll have to cowboy up and deal with it huh? 😩

Some pain for the gain🤣

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Yes, I'd say so...I'll toughen up.

Turn up the AC, getting some snacks and building. Sounds top notch to me!

Snacks and Lego... Synonymous. Sort of like whiskey and ice. Boomdawg and beers. 😊

Hehe, exactly like that!

Your most excellent reputation is well known it seems. 🤣🍺

I know, what the hell would happen if they found out I preferred wine!

Oh no...That would upset world order now wouldn't it. I'm a G&T guy mostly when aim out. Can tolerate a beer and a wine also though.

Turn up the AC,
Getting some snacks and building.
Sounds top notch to me!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Boys and there toys 🙄🤣
You could be really nice and make your wife something out of Lego😊

A Lego version of mole maybe...One that makes the bed? 😊

I don't make the bed either, the quilt is in the perfect place ready for me to get back in bed LOL 😉

Haha! Nice to hear. My wife puts 300 cushions on the bed when she makes it...I don't get it, but she seems to think it's important. 🤣

Thus a new adventure begins! Best of luck with the build :-)

I think this magical device might help with the "Lego thumb " :


Magic Lego tools? Ah yes, I have one of those...Haven't used it though. I might give it a go and see if I can save my thumb from permanent damage.

I've not used one myself either, but I heard its pretty handy. With your level of Lego enthusiasm, I think this tool could be useful to prevent lifelong damage to your thumbs from prying open Legos :-)

lifelong damage to your thumbs from prying open Legos

The danger is real.



I wonder.....?

Will the notorious "missing piece" situation arise....?

Maybe since there are many more pieces to this puzzle, more missing pieces....?

And making out on the couch at our age..... 25...... X2.

Consists of a peck on the cheek, and a passing of the snack bowl..... Lmao

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Haha, 25. As if!

Hope there'll be no missing parts on this build. I've been unlucky in that regard.

Howdy sir galenkp! That's such an interesting one but what is the back part? It doesn't look like any machinery I've seen on a rig. Are you dedicating this one to the krazzytrukker?

The trailer holds a hydraulic container lifter and the white box part is a shipping container...

Yes, this one is for the KT, bless his krazzy ass! 😁


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