Logitech C920 Webcam Setup Tips on the Mac (12m)

in logitech •  12 days ago 

set that webcam up perfectly, https://skl.sh/2lq3qQf

thought i would throw together a quick video about the wonderful logitech c920 webcam. i've been using this webcam for well over two years with my mac and with the right tuning software (you have to pay for it) you can get good results in all your favorite video chat and recording applications.

this super short video will give you the headsup about the software i use and how to tinker around to get the right settings which you can then save as a profile. thanks for everyone signing up to my courses so far, i'm starting to get into a routine with making them even on limited time (i only have a three hour window in the morning to get them done right now)

set that webcam up perfectly, https://skl.sh/2lq3qQf

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