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For the love of seeds-nuts & dried fruits...

Real fast food to have on the go...

Make your own favorite mix!

In this case we have sesame, flax seeds, raisins & dates for the purpose of dry food conservation.

What do you need?

  • A blender / chopper
  • dry nuts, seeds, fruits (RAW!)
  • some spices (optional)
    When you mix them well you can play with the dough
    You can make it into flat chips for easy drying under the sun or in your household. If you use kitchenware use a special dryer or put it below 50 degree Celsius, to keep all nutritional properties and quality of the food.

Drying: phase 1

In this step you can already leave it in a paper bag under a sunny safety place. Or you can eat it. You can keep in the fridge or even freeze! ;)

Let's see what happened!

Nice, but it is better if you achieve crunchy~ness! ;) somehow.. patience..
It is delicious, but I'll keep some pieces for my next trip on the road ;)
Having a healthy snack kept well on the side in not a bad decision. Pick big batches of nuts & dried fruits and store them somewhere in your home!



Stay strong, buddy! | @trayan

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