The delicious donuts at J.Co

in #posh15 days ago


I like to have some donuts and tonight, I just bought some of them at J.Co, Banda Aceh. I wish I was going to buy all kinds of donuts there. But it was not possible because there must be other people also want to buy them, right?

At J.Co, I love Alcapone and Tira Miss U. Alcapone has a hollow shape with a sweet white vanilla milk frosting and sprinkled with chopped almonds. I love these donuts.



And, Tira Miss U is flavored donut which is filled with white cream inside the donut. The taste of both of these donuts are really sweet. I don't know how many calories that contained in a donut.


I don't care about the calories of them because I love having them and I bought them as a gift for my wife and our beloved daughter.



My daughter needed me to buy donuts at J.Co because they are delicious. And the price of donuts are cheaper than other shop. I bought a box of them cointained a dozen of donuts. It was really a pretty sloping price. I just paid 125,000 IDR or $8.



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