How To Resize Entry Box By Height - Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial #38

in programming •  16 days ago 

In this video I'll show you how to resize an entry box by height (instead of by width). I'll also show you how to delete whatever was typed into the box when someone clicks the button.

We've talked about resizing entry boxes width-wise, but never talked about how to resize them height-wise. That's because an entry box doesn't have any settings for height (by default).

There's a hack that allows us to resize entry boxes by height though, and I'll show you in this video!

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Hi codemy,

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Amazing, thank you!!

Good tutorial, I loved the way you explained to remove this box, I'm not very good when it comes to technology. I congratulate you on your good art and curie vote. Greetings.

Thank you so much for watching!

Hi @codemy ... my favorite programming teacher! This work does not look so difficult.
Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and skills with Python.

If it doesn't look hard, I've done my job ;-) Thanks so much, again, for watching!!

@codemy, I have to say that i don't know anything about the Programming and Coding.

But it's interesting to go through from some of the Tutorials because it's fun to explore other dimensions of Knowledge.

Keep up with this Knowledge Transfer work and good wishes from my side.

Have a joyful time ahead and stay blessed.

Thank you!