Easy Recipe of Hilsa-Polao

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I proudly say that I am Bengali. And Bengalis' favorite food is fish and rice. In short with fish and rice’s we become Bengali. Without fish, Bengali culture is imperfect. Apart from the hilsa fish, the taste of Bengali food is imperfect.


The national fish of our country is hilsa, hilsa is equally popular around the world. So today I am sharing the Polao Cooking Recipe with hilsa with everyone. Although a few days ago, I shared the recipe video. For those who cannot see the video, this is for them. Let's take a look at the easy-to-use hilsa-polao cooking recipe-


Whatever it takes-

  • Polar rice 400 grams,
  • 8 pieces of hilsa fish,
  • Ginger and garlic pest 1 tsp,
  • 1 cup of tuck curd,
  • Like the amount of spice,
  • Onion pest one cup and half a cup of slices
  • Like the quantity of raw chili
  • Like the quantity of oil.

Cooking system-
First we need to thoroughly wash and clean the hilsa fish pieces. Then mix well with garlic, ginger, salt and tuck curd in fish pieces and marinate for 10/15 minutes.




In a container to cook with onions and other spices, the ingredients are of a brown color. When cooked, the fish should be lowered.



Then you have to cook polar rice with water in another container. Once the pot is dry, cover the previously cooked hilsa fish over polar rice for 10 minutes. Then turn the fish in the middle of the rice. After 5 minutes, serve with onion fry or salad.


I am sure the different flavors of the hilsa polao will give you different pleasures. So friends can try the hilsa Polao recipe at home.

Check the tutorial video-

Thanks all.

|> tania <|

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